It's Just the Coffee Talking: Hoping to get some foods canned for storage today even though I really don't like canned meats... I'd be remiss not to be prudent with food prep at this time


Good morning coffee friends....

This morning I'm still sipping coffee at 9:20 am and determined not to go out and about today among the throngs of humanity.  I have a list of places I should go.  Things I should do.  Items we need.  But crowds of people shopping on a Saturday is a tiny level of hell on earth.

One caveat to that;  Mr. Coffee happens to have the day off today.  And we do need to find every last tile store in the vicinity we can to see if we can match the tile the original owners installed in the kitchen so IF Mr. Coffee is up for running errands today I'd go with him for THOSE kind.  But groceries, household or other retail stores, traffic and such?  Nope.  Not happening.

I do have some canning I'd like to do.  Yes, canning.  I have visions of old ladies and Amish or Mennonites when I say that but really, canning has made a comeback!  People in their 20's and 30's are discovering the importance of canning during Covid as shortages in the grocery stores mean you never know what they will have - or not have - in stock.  You get it while you can and store it if you have to.  I have things in the freezer I'd like to can, not only to free up space in the freezer, but also, if the powder goes out, I'd lose some of those items.  

I have no room to store canned goods though... which doesn't sound like a big problem, but it really is.  These are glass jars that need protection from bumps and falls; out of sunlight, in a cool, dark place and need to be stored single layer (not stacked).  But also need to be close enough to the kitchen to know what's there, use them, and not forget about them.  I've been pondering 'space' and racks for almost a year now but have yet to come up with a good idea that wouldn't cost me money.  

However!  I really would like to do more canning today.  I have a lot of potatoes, apples and salsa already canned but I'd like to get to apple cranberry pie fillings and some of the pork and chicken in the freezer.  

A side-note to that:  I hesitate to can the pork and chicken because to be honest, I don't like home canned meats.  I've never truly trusted them, and I am a bit grossed out to look at them through their canning jars.  BUT I realize we are living in strange times with poor leadership and scary leaders of a few other countries that hate deeply and have no conscience.  Having food in storage of various different kinds and types is a good plan.  


Ball wide mouth pint and a half (a great size for tall and narrow canning)

Ball Mouth Mason Jar Canning Lids 8 Dozen,(these were impossible to find ANYWHERE over the past two years but seem to be a little easier right now - get them while you can).

Ball Regular Mouth Canning Jar 8 oz. 12 pk (These are the little guys - good for small servings, or things like jelly).





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