It's just the coffee talking: if you don't know history, you are doomed to repeat it. Also, Black History Month - a shame and a sham.

History is so important... but it's rarely taught anymore.  There may be a history class shoved into the curriculum but it's probably not the truth.  It's written to today's standards of watering down everything, told to a narrative, based on things that really happened but not actually fully truthful. 

It's also cut so short that often, events and important people are reduced to a mere couple paragraphs, which should be a 2 week course if not a month or two months.  

If you have any doubt that no one knows history anymore, just do some research online; and for fun (?) check out youtube videos and other social media where people are asked history or geography questions.  The average person really has very little idea.  (Most recently, when showing your shot papers was compared to Nazi Germany making Jews show their papers, random interviews and social media posts show that an entire generation of people (and even 2 generations now) had NO IDEA WHAT THE HOLOCAUST is.)  

Ah, I'm getting off topic.

Ok - so, the topic today is slavery.  Because the average person alive today does not have a clue about the truth of slavery.  The history of slavery.  


Because... history.    So much history has been lost.  So much history twisted.  

Blacks were not enslaved because they were black.  It's because they were available.  It was already their culture - they were already slaves in Africa.  The slave trade expanded and because they were available and needed in other countries (Portugal and Spain first) and their African owners (also black) traded them and sold them.  

(PS:  I love the wisdom, personality and intelligence of Thomas Sowell.  He and Booker T. Washington have such wisdom and knowledge.  When Mr. Sowell passes away, the world is going to lose a great, great man...)

Africa was tribal.  Tribes fought with other tribes and took the losers as their slaves.
This was their life.  Their culture. 
Slavery was African life. 
And if you owed a debt, it could be paid with people. 
This is who they were, it was the way of life in Africa.
Slaves begat slaves and often paid with their children.  
There weren't family ties or bonds and a man would give away his two-year-old daughter as payment without any thought or emotion. It was just 'life' back then.  They would have looked at you like you were crazy if you had insisted they should be emotional about something like that. 
This is just such a huge topic.  SO many books and information written about at the time; by the people involved... not the political correct, dumbed down or massacred versions you might find written online by individuals today.

More white people were brought as slaves
to North Africa than blacks to the US.

Slavery has existed literally since the beginning of time.
It was never even questioned or thought 'wrong' in any way, shape or form... America was one of the FIRST to deem it wrong and inhuman and called for it to stop.   
Slavery still exists.  

Slavery is usually taught as a black and white issue and often, in America, kids are taught wrongly that not only is it a black and white issue, but it's an American issue.  Sadly, many of the young teachers teaching it don't even know differently.  (SAD AND PATHETIC).

The first slave owner in America... was BLACK.  NOT WHITE.  And he was a former slave himself.

The average American did not own any slaves.
By population ration, only about 3-6% of people had slaves.

And also by population ratio, black to white - in Louisiana for example, more blacks owned slaves than whites.

America is the first country to OUTLAW slavery.  

It's not an American thing.  It's not a black and white thing.  It's worldwide.  Culture, race, religion, sex... crosses all of them.
Muslims preferred women for slaves, while other countries preferred men.
You can guess why.


Black history - black inventors, black doctors, black scientists, black businessmen, etc. are all part of "HISTORY" - plain, history.    There should not be a month singled out as history needs to be taught as history.  Facts.  History is all races, cultures, religions and genders...  teach HISTORY.  Don't add to hate and division by separation.  And truth... research and teach truth instead of spreading narratives that fit the current trends.  



Now, my coffee is cold.  LOL. Oh well... it's just the coffee talking again and it's time to brew a fresh, hot cup.