It's Just the Coffee Talking: Random chit chat, including Celestial Seasonings Energy Tea (which I add to my Golden Milk Latte in the afternoon)

Oh good morning coffee friends!

Hanging out with my coffee this morning - my day 'off' - so I have time to sip and ponder a bit while I'm making my priority list for the day.

I tried to make my 'to do' list early this morning before I got out of bed, but I couldn't stay focused long enough to accomplish anything.  That's when I decided I just needed to get up, get coffee and start the day.  Been up since 3:38 am - I suppose I'll need some B12 vitamins and coffee once that 1:pm brick wall hits.

We've got some pretty big things happening in the world right now.  Lots going on with Iraq and Iran; Russia and the Ukraine, China, North Korea.  Lots to ponder.  Things are going to be getting ugly, people.  Real ugly.

Oh, I tried a new 'not coffee but it's caffeine' item over the past 2 weeks.    It's Celestial Seasonings 'Energy' Tea.  

I add it to my afternoon Chai Tea drinks (I'm actually on a huge Golden Milk Latte kick right now - which I brew with a bag of vanilla Chai Tea, hot water from the Keurig, drop in an extra energy tea packet, a smidgen of sugarfree vanilla sweetener and a dash of sugarfree Italian Cream flavored creamer... oh my.  Yum!)




This is a pretty good reason why we need to adhere to the wisdom of our elders and not bow to the whims of whiny college students....   the prefrontal cortex portion of your brain is not actually fully developed until the age of approximately 25/26.   This explains a lot of things.

If you can't look back at your younger self and realize that you were an idiot,
you are probably still an idiot.