It's Just the Coffee Talking... sigh. Crappy morning, cold coffee and probably shouldn't even blog.


Good Morning!

I have to admit... my coffee is cold.  I brewed a fresh, hot cup.  I sat down and got immersed in reading the morning news and forgot to sip it.  When I remembered, it was cooled down too much to enjoy, but not wanting to waste it, I brewed another 6 oz. into it to warm it up.  Then I sat down at the desk, determined to get a blog post done before getting started on my day.

However, I opened my photo files from this blog and got lost in memories.  I found myself looking at some of the photos posted and blogged about ten years ago.  As I clicked through them, I remembered subjects I blogged about, news stories that were big at the time, our relocation across the country, all the work involved in the new house that needed so, so much attention... then it went into the surgeries for the puppies, camping, reviews.... everyday life.  

My life was so very different then.  Just... wow.

But anyway, yeah... my coffee is now cold.  I also need to get ready to run errands.  I put them off because I didn't want to deal with weekend crowds, but hello?  Today is a holiday and so many are off from work and school that it might as well be a weekend.  We also have people out rushing to stock up as shelves go bare from continued Covid-employment and labor shortages, mandates, etc. as well as this new bird flu and the looming trucker convoy that is being planned to support dropping all these fake mandates.   Right now there is less then 100,000 cases across the entire country... whole dang country and yet the same lawmakers and celebrities yakking it up at parties and NFL games are keeping our little children suffocating in masks... against something that was never, ever, ever a threat to to them in the first place. 

Where was I?

Oh.  So yeah... many are stocking up.  And I have to go run errands for groceries and household goods so we'll see what's even left available on the shelves after a busy weekend.  I'm also spending the mortgage budget... ouch.  But, income being what it is right now, robbing Peter to pay Paul so-to-speak is what it is.

I don't sound very cheerful this morning.  I'm not actually.  I had a crappy start to my day and it's thrown me off even before I made my first morning coffee.

I hate when days start like that even before coffee... it kind of makes the entire rest of the day crappy because I can't shake the way it started.  :(

Sorry I'm a downer this morning.  Perhaps I'll have a good errand-running this morning and I'll be in a better mood later and can take this post down and replace it with some more positive, happy Coffee Talking.......