It's Just the Coffee Talking: So, I finally realized there is another filter behind the grill on the front of my Shark Lift Away Vacuum! Bah ha.

Good Morning!

I know today is a Hallmark holiday (Valentine's Day) and lots of people are celebrating - but honestly it's pretty low on Mr. Coffee and my priority list.  Thankfully we are both on the same page so no hard feelings at ALL from either side!

So... this weekend I had to laugh at myself.

A few years ago, I got a new vacuum - a Shark.  The red and white 'lift away' style.  It was less than half the price of Dyson and worked just as well and I've been really happy with it. 

I've been a little unhappy with how well I felt it was cleaning up the small dust particles, as I noticed the dust in the office seemed to be more than usual.  (I'd notice it on the computer screen, the keyboard, my desk or the digital photo frame, etc.)   And I would make a point to vacuum and dust every single day but still, more dust than I thought there should be.   

The vacuum is a HEPA filter style and I swear the house was never this dusty before.  So I decided instead of doing the 'half assed' filter cleaning I normally do - which is pulling out the big round Styrofoam cylinder filter and the flat round filter under it and giving them some good hard 'taps' on the side of the trash bin, I'd do an all out wash in the sink and really get them clean.  

It was during this 'deep cleaning the filters' moment of taking them out that I realized... stupidly... the actual hepa filter was behind the front grill.  The grill I am positive I don't recall ever taking off before - as long as I've owned the vacuum.

Oh my goodness!  Ha ha.  I had a good laugh at myself.  It's just that when I vacuum, I'm in a hurry to get things done and get on with it.  So I grab it, use it, dump the bin (yes, every time!  I never ever put my vacuum away without cleaning out the large canister) and I just hurry to get it put away so I can go on to the next thing.  About every 5 or 6 times I'd pull out the center filter(s), and rub them with a paper towel to get some of the gray dust off, hit them against the side of the trash bin to knock off more, and then quickly shove them back in place so I could be done with the task and get to the next one.

It never occurred to me to look for another filter.  Until it did.

And there it was.  HA!  I assume my vacuum is going to work much, much better now.  ;)





 If you know the 80's, you'll get this.  :)

The Office verses Friends in basketball... LOL