It's Just the Coffee Talking: So, why does Russia want to invade the Ukraine right now anyway?


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This is my little heart coffee mug this morning in honor of Valentine's Day tomorrow.  Not that we 'celebrate' the Hallmark Holiday but, a little heart coffee mug nonetheless.  

You know, with a hundred important things going on in the world right now, it's hard to focus on any one of them since there are just. so. many.  And they are all concerning in their own way.  Because of this, I've been watching the situation with Russia and the Ukraine but until this morning I hadn't stopped to ask myself the very basic question of "Why?"  -  I know part of the why now but the basic 'why'.  Why exactly?

I didn't feel like doing research on it, but it only takes a few minutes to get some basic answers and of the handful of clicks, I liked this one immediately because it was clear and to the point... and I like the way he writes. He writes like he talks.  That's my kind of site.

"..... From this standpoint, Russia’s biggest concern is NATO. After the Cold War, the Baltic states declared their independence. In 2004 all three were admitted to NATO. This immediately raised an air of concern within the Russian government. However, these three nations don’t hold the same cultural significance that Ukraine does. Much of Russian culture stems from Kyiv. Additionally, the Ukrainian border is 460km from Moscow at its closest point. In the world of Air Defense systems, should Ukraine ever join NATO, that's a big problem if you are on the wrong side of a missile system.

Why Now?

Because Ukraine has already applied to join NATO in 2008 shortly after its Baltic neighbors, and in June of 2021 the outcome of the last NATO summit meeting was to finally support Ukraine in its application for membership (See point 69 of the briefing).

(There is more to it of course - and you can read the other points he makes in his article as well as researching it yourself, but knowing the logistics, NATO's support of Ukraine's application as well as a few other things that are lining up quite nicely for Putin right now, I get it.)






 When you change the wording to fit a narrative.......  the CDC has now changed the definition of 'vaccination' twice. 



We live in a generation of emotionally weak people.
Everything has to be watered down because it's 'offensive' - including the truth.

I don't know much about bears but think they are married.

Truck drivers peacefully protesting by honking their horns... verses BLM/Antifa burning down neighborhoods and looting local businesses....