Officials of the United States Department assigned in China subjected to anal COVID-19 testing




".......  confirmation on the anal testing done on the U.S. diplomats after already obtaining the documents they requested from the Department of State through the Freedom of Information Act.

'These documents detail confirm abuse of U.S. diplomatic personnel by the Chinese government,. The Biden administration doesn't seem to have done much about this abusive anal swab testing other than pretend it didn't happen and cover it up," Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in a statement.

Accordingly 11 pages of records confirm the anal testing done on the U.S. diplomats. The said records included internal correspondence through emails that began days after President Joe Biden took the nation's top seat and had the subject "New Testing Method."

A diplomat based in Shenyang, China began the email correspondence on January 22, 2021 giving a "heads up" on China's "New Testing Method."