Rise and Shine Coffee Talking friends!

I've just got a couple minutes before my last 'hurry and get clothes on and rush out that door or you'll be late!' alarm goes off but I wanted to pop in quickly. I'm on my second coffee - I can tell a distinct difference in my outlook on life if I'm running behind and don't get to make at least one strong, hot, black coffee before rushing out the door. I'm finishing my second so it's all good.

Did you see the experimental shots are now being approved to inject into our tiny little babies?  Babies that have almost ZERO chance of any issues... zero.  ZERO.   

This is just another way to line the bank accounts of big pharma and the stock portfolios of the lawmakers and media CEO's invested in trying to keep this alive.  If you have done your research - ANY real research - even for just 3 minutes - you would see this for the complete sham it is.

As I started to type more, my 'last chance alarm' just started to go off...  you were all saved by the bell.  LOL.

On this same topic....   I saw this a day or two ago on Candace Owens social media feed... oh I love how she digs in deep to research and then asks (ASKS) for people to debunk things she's found.  She has a little toddler herself now so this is a topic near and dear to her heart.