A long, rambling It's Just the Coffee Talking post this morning.... including "I know hell is full of customer service reps" and Terminix refuses to let me know they've randomly made 'ghost' appointments for us

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

This little face of me is actually me yesterday.  I'm not sure what today will hold - but hopefully better.  Yesterday was a never-ending pissy day until I finally gave up mentally around 1:00 and didn't attempt anything more of consequence.

Yesterday I did indeed run to the store for fresh fruit and vegetables and coffee in anticipation of houseguests coming tonight and staying this week.  I did indeed spend money that was in a very tight budget.  I did indeed find some things not on my list that I felt I should buy anyway.  I did indeed spend $225. 

As I was literally walking out the door yesterday morning to get to the store, the home phone rang.  I stopped long enough to see the caller ID said "wireless caller".  The machine picked up, so I waited to hear if there was actually a person on the other end or if it was yet another marketer or scammer.

I heard "Terminix" and mumbling and "inspection" and mumbling and "today".

Are you f-ing kidding me?  

For those of you who have been reading It's Just the Coffee Talking for a few years, you might remember my quarterly rants about having Terminix as our regular pest control company and how frustrated I was that they WOULD NOT LET ME KNOW THEY HAD SCHEDULED APPOINTMENTS randomly.  

They have my phone number.  They have my email. 

They will email newsletters, your inspection reports, your receipts, your bill reminders, your payment confirmations... BUT NEVER YOUR DANG APPOINTMENTS - THAT YOU NEVER MADE SO YOU DON'T KNOW THEY EXIST.  They make them for you... they don't clear the date/time with you.

We canceled them a couple years ago as our regular pest control company and the frustration of ghost appointments - then technicians NOT SHOWING UP for scheduled appointments, showing up randomly without letting me know.... as well as a mandatory 6% increase in the cost every year no matter what were both factors as to why they are no longer our regular pest control company.

 Although we did keep them for the termite protection contract.

I picked up the phone - verified he was intending on coming to do an annual termite inspection to renew the contract.  


He said "well, you are listed as having an appointment today".

I told him I was literally running out the door at that very second...   when did he expect to arrive?

He said about an hour.

I said ok.  Another pest control company would also be arriving to do our regular pest control as well.  They would probably be here at the same time.

We hung up.

I left to run to the store - intending on being home in about an hour - and figured if he arrived before me, he could be starting the outside inspection.

What I found is that he arrived a little early - I saw him on the security cameras.

He was about 20 minutes earlier than he estimated and told me.

He went to the front door - he waited - he took a couple photos to prove he was there I guess, and then left.

He was gone by the time I got home.

And in our EMAIL (yes, email - I told you, they email everything EXCEPT letting you know they randomly assigned you an appointment date/time)  I had a copy of his 'report' which was simply 6 pages full of marks under "N/A".  A blank inspection report with 3 photos of our home and nothing more.

At this point I don't know what that means... will they schedule a REAL inspection?  Will they even attempt to contact me?  Will they blame me for not being home during our appointment time?  Who knows.  But I was pissed.  I paid for the renewal about 2 weeks ago and they said in my EMAIL CONFIRMATION for payment they would contact me for an inspection appointment IN APRIL.

Apparently they think randomly showing up at my house unannounced in March is the same thing as contacting me to schedule an appointment in April.  


From the failed inspection I went on to deal with a call to a medical center about $700 worth of payments made that were not showing up on our billing statement.

It was a mini version of hell.   

Hell is full of customer service reps... I just know it.

During the time I'm talking with her I'm also looking for my documents file on our hard drive and not seeing it....  is it possible 12 years worth of important documents - including taxes, etc. - are gone?

But focusing on the call with the rep - we were going round and round and not getting anywhere.

We hung up... and I was done.  My brain was fried.  I almost just wanted to cry to release frustration from the whole morning.

A call into our rep for the insurance company resulted in me waiting on hold while HE called them.

About 15 minutes later he tells me they didn't want to explain it to him either... but he pushed and they finally explained.  The funds we paid for 2 specific appointments ended up we owed nothing for those appointments since they were covered 100% after out-of-pocket was met; so they split the funds between 4 OTHER appointments and physicians. 

She wouldn't tell me THAT?  Seriously?  

Argued with me for almost 30 minutes and refused to tell me WHERE our payments went (other than "I can see they posted and applied to your account")  and wouldn't answer why I had nothing to show they were applied anywhere to our account;  could have simply explained to me they applied it to other appointments so those are considered paid and we won't be getting billed for those.