Good Morning Coffee Friends -

Today I'm just going to caffeinate, and hope for the best.  

I used to live Southern California and honestly, if it weren't for the people taking it over and the insane leadership of the Left, I'd love it.  I'd still be there.  A little piece of my heart is still there - battered and broken and aghast... but still there.

If I could have lived there when my Aunts and Uncles were raising their kids back in the 1960's and 1970's there, oh, that would have been awesome.  So freaking awesome.  But no - I was born a couple decades too late and by then the craziness, the culture-shift and the stupidity was already setting in.  We got out of there when we realized we had to do better for our future children.  

I was 7 months pregnant when we made a trip to see relatives elsewhere in the US... when we got back on the plane to return home I was in tears.  By the time that same baby was 4 1/2 months old we were on the road in a moving truck and getting out of Dodge.  Yep.  That fast.  Our eyes were opened and we were gone.

But I always keep my eyes on the news because we still have friends and family there. 

Bills happening in California....  Covid shots may be required, lowers age of vax consent to 12 years without parental consent or knowledge; prohibits any person or entity to making any statements that the government deems untrue (this reeks of communism...), school nurses could give all your child's health and medical information to third parties without parental knowledge, and a few more.