Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Some beds were switched around last night in order to hopefully help a 5 year old and 3 year old stop shenanigans and not think that 4:50 am is a good idea to start the day.  It worked.  This morning they slept in.  Whewthankyoulord.  That means the day started a tiny bit more normal.  But just a tiny bit.  Still some craziness going on in life.

Reading the news this morning I found myself with little to say.  I guess because I am watching us go so far beyond what should be considered okay or normal or acceptable... that I wonder, can we ever go back?  Have we destroyed journalism, democracy, common sense, honesty?  Accountability?  Have we lost our humanity?

So many thoughts.


 Have you noticed most media outlets and news stations won't cover President B speaking anymore?
They are trying to cover up his mental deficiency.  Go look for it.  Daily.  Every time he speaks.
No, really.  Go look for them.  Your mouth will drop, your eyebrows will raise and you will get a confused look on your face... he makes no sense.  He's lost it.

Is this too much to ask?

Confusion... every. dang. time. he. speaks.

Well, no one saw THIS coming, right?
Companies throwing billions to this domestic terrorist group ran by thugs... 
What did you THINK they were doing with it?

Which is more incompetent?
Hmm.  It's a toss-up.
Thanks Democrats.
This is all on you.

This whole subject makes me wonder.
I thought it was just ridiculous at first but once you start reading about some of these guys, it just gets a bit crazy... and they are serious.  That's the craziness about it.