It's Just the Coffee Talking Again: dropping off my Direct TV equipment this morning among other things


Last night, while I lay thinking here,
some Whatifs crawled inside my ear
and pranced and partied all night long
and sang their same old Whatif song...




I'm terrible with the Whatif's.
I can overthink everything.
Dwell on anything.
Want to try to fix, solve or bring to completion... every ill in the entire universe.
Two hours of sleep and then... awake.
So awake.
Reading helped.
Back to sleep.

Awake again early when Mr. Coffee's alarm went off for work.

Many, many errands to run today as I thought I'd have to work but I have the day off.  I have 5 places I must be... 

One of those errands is to return the receiver from our now-canceled Direct TV account.
The last time we moved and I canceled our cable/satellite TV account, they sent a box and label to ship it back.  And then, they do what they do... claim you never sent it so they can charge you $300.  But I had taken photos.  The equipment, the packed box, the sealed and labeled box.  

Suddenly they 'found' it and the charge disappeared.

Now they don't send you a box.  You just grab your equipment they want back and you pop into your local UPS/FedEx storefront.  They pack it and scan it and send it back.

I'm still going to snap a photo.

Do I have trust issues?  Control issues?  HA.  Maybe... but it's saved my ass too many times to count. 

I am not sure if I will do all 5 errands today... I'm mapping them out with traffic patterns, school dismissals, construction headaches and expected crowds or lines in each of the destinations.  One doesn't fit well into the schematic.

But... I have a newly brewed fresh, hot, black cup of coffee here just now and so, I get to procrastinate getting ready to leave for a few minutes more.

Thanks for popping in this morning... nothing earth shaking being discussed.  On purpose.  Because... some days I want to forget the world is going to hell in a hand-basket around my ears.



... it's just the coffee talking again anyway.




  Where the Sidewalk Ends... Shel Silvertein



   Falling Up ...  Shel Silvertein






We tend to overthink.... worry... regret... and second guess our lives.


Media silent on the laptop because... it could completely bring the 'Big Guy' down?
Could destroy the current Admin?  Could bring to light the fact that China owns the Biden family?
Hmmm....  crickets.


It's a crazy world we live in.