It's Just the Coffee Talking: although I didn't really say much this morning


Good Morning!

This morning I'm dubious about what today will be like, but since it hasn't shoved anything frustrating or horrible at me yet, I'm still smiling.  With coffee.

Is going to be a tiring day however, as I was up a few times last night and was up for a couple hours in the wee hours before I finally drifted back to sleep for about 40 minutes and then dragged myself out of bed in order to have time to grab one cup of coffee (this one) and glance at some headline news before rushing to throw clothes on and get out the door.  

That's pretty much where I am now.  Glancing at the clock and realizing I have about 90 seconds before my "last alarm to move it!" goes off.  

But yes, coffee was worth dragging myself out of bed for.  Because if I don't get at least 1 or 2 hot cups of coffee in me before getting dressed and leaving the house - it throws the WHOLE DAY off.  And the days are already "off" enough without THAT as well.