It's Just the Coffee Talking: Candace Owens will be doing a special vaccination feature "A Shot in The Dark" regarding the research and history behind all the various infant vaccinations



Dear Moms and Dads:

Some time long ago we lost control over our children. Fear, data manipulation, and peer pressure replaced our commitment to research and ultimately, our understanding of informed consent when it came to the health decision being made for our children.

I can no longer stay silent.

Maybe it’s my pregnancy hormones, but I feel in both my heart and my soul that this is the moment for me to use the platform that I’ve been blessed with to take one of the biggest risks in my professional life.

For my son and my unborn child and for their futures—I’d risk it all.

As promised, beginning in two weeks, I will be dropping a series that will remain 100% free to access for all parents— going through the history and the truth behind every childhood shot on the schedule and more.

These videos will be available exclusively on my Parler account which is not corrupted or funded by Big Pharma and whose CEO I can fully attest for.

I will thereafter release the audio drops and the corresponding research documents for you all on my personal website.

My handle on Parler is @Candace

For too long, we have all been in the dark— taken advantage of by an industry that banks on our insecurities.

Let there be light.

Candace Owens