It's Just the Coffee Talking: I drank my morning coffee early, outside in the cold, looking off into the woods... it was almost like mentally camping.

Good Morning!  

Usually I have Friday mornings 'off' so I don't have to rush out the door, and instead, I was snuggled down in the covers of my warm bed this morning. 

Not that it was 'crazy' cold - but it had gotten down to about 36 or 37 degrees outside and I don't have the heat turned on on the main floor of the house right now, as we are at that 'odd' time of Spring when the weather can't decide between 29 degrees or 70 degrees.  Sometimes it's easier to turn it off completely for 2 weeks and just dress up or down accordingly.  

Anyway!  Where was I?

Oh!  In bed.

I had been up since about 4:30 am (couldn't get back to sleep) so I had been reading but by 5:45 am I really, really was wishing I COULD go back to sleep.  Instead, I was thinking.

I laid in bed and watched the sun just starting to rise, the birds were getting really loud.  It was also early enough that all my neighbors were in their homes getting ready for school and work so it was relatively silent except for the calling and screeching of all the various birds.

I was considering whether or not I really, truly wanted to grab the dog, a little food and my winter sleeping bag into my car and take off for a primitive camp this weekend... when I realized that if I put a sweatshirt and puffy vest on over my fleece pajama pants, and sat outside looking into the woods, it could feel like my first morning coffee if I were camping.


And... done.



The dog was confused.  But she was game to hang with me.

After about 30 minutes of freezing fingers, sipping coffee, talking to the dog and scrolling through my phone a bit after my coffee was gone; I could hear neighbor noise starting. 

Voices, slamming car doors, cars driving off to work and school...  around 6:47 the school bus comes through the neighborhood, so once I heard that, I figured I was cold enough anyway and went inside.

Brrr.  I was chilled!  My toes and fingers were stiff with cold. 

But it was a good idea.  

In the early morning silence, the birds waking, and being careful to only look towards the fire ring or the back yard woods (not neighboring homes through the trees to the sides of the house) I was able to immerse myself in the chilly cold morning moment and mentally go camping.  

After that, it felt really, really good to have the comforts of a warm house to go into instead of the tent, and get dressed in my bathroom instead of the crinkly tent floor, and to turn on my space heater to warm up my numb fingers - without having to fight to start a fire. 

It's like I already woke up in the woods, had coffee, got dressed, drove home and I'm now ready to decide what to accomplish today.



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