It's Just the Coffee Talking: inflation woes mean, do I buy fresh fruits and vegetables or not? Biden/Harris suck.


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Yesterday the governments Consumer Price Index report was released.  

In Biden's first year as President gas went up on average 38%  (this was February through February; the one year comparisons of the report stopped prior to the Russia/Ukraine situation - so that wasn't even factored in.  Now it's even higher.).  Bacon and beef was up almost 20% at 18.8%.  Everything is up under the Biden/Harris administration. 

This is on my mind right now because last night I tried to find extra money in our account to go to the grocery store today.  We have house guests coming, staying for the week, and though we are well stocked for meals from the pantry and freezer, we really could use fresh fruits and vegetables and a box of coffee k-cups.  

I made a list... the total will be around $120 - and that's if I don't veer from my list. The issue is that I don't have an extra $120 in the account right now that isn't ear-marked for something else.  However, it is what it is, right?  When it's something you have no power to fix - whatever it IS is what you deal with.  Do what you gotta do.