It's Just the Coffee Talking: Lots of little unexpected's during yesterday's errands


Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Yesterday was a day full of errands but also gave me little twists and turns to expect the unexpected.

My main trip was to return the Direct TV equipment.  I had to go the UPS store to do so, as they have a contract with them.  

You simply drop it off - they look up your name in their (the UPS Store's) computer system.  They weigh it and pack it and ship it off.  Very quick and simple... but you have to make sure you go to the correct UPS store.  

That was my first unexpected.  

I had a robo-computer phone call that we had a refill for a hydrocortisone cream to pick up at the pharmacy.  Must be one of Mr. Coffee's so I ok'd the robo-call and I swung through drive-thru to get it during my errand running; put the bag aside and finished more errands before returning home hours later to find it wasn't a 'refill' as expected.  We've used a cortisone cream... this was a bottle?  Of 'lotion' and very liquidy.  We don't actually need the cream right now as the rash on his face had gone away.  I suppose it will be nice to have in the future, but I have no idea why we had a refill of liquid 'lotion'.  Unless they were low on supplies and supplemented what they had.  

(This was an issue last month when we needed a prescription and they said they were out.  The delivery truck hadn't even had any during their last shipment.  They said there were many medical supplies that were in short supply.  Other local pharmacies didn't have any either.  They fulfilled ours because the pharmacist knew for a fact another customer who had a refill for it, wasn't going to use it as they were 'done' with it so they used that one to fill ours.)   

So, possibly a substitution?

I don't know.  It's the same strength and product; just a different form.

That was a little unexpected.

My next stop was the post office to mail a package.

As I approached the doors, there was a sign announcing their computer system for payment was down and all transactions must be in cash.

No wonder they weren't very busy on a Monday.  No one really carries cash anymore!  Ha ha.

I don't either.  But I did have $9 in my billfold from a return I had to do a couple months ago and I had another $12 in the car that I had tucked away for emergency gas money on one of my cross country road trips.  I ran out to the car, grabbed the cash and went back in.

The package was $16 to mail (it was just a pair of shoes a house guest accidentally left at our home last week, but DANG it is SO expensive to mail ANYTHING anymore).   

Got it done... just didn't expect to have to have almost $20 cash to do so.

My 3rd unexpected.

After one more errand to get groceries, I was on my way home.  I briefly considered taking the exit before mine and just driving home on the back road but I was in the left lane, behind a semi and it was easier to just stay in my lane and drive the mile to 'my' exit.

And just like that, traffic came to a complete and utter stop.


And there we all sat for the next 1 1/2 hours.  Didn't move an inch.

We have construction on this interstate that is ongoing forever so I assumed it was a slow down.  Checked Google maps... they said a 5 minute slow down.  No worries.

5,10,25, 40 minutes later we were still there.

At the 1 hour mark I  turned my car off.

However, I didn't get angry.  Not at all. 
Even though I was literally 1 mile from my exit for home.

I felt bad for people running low on gas, but I had enough.
I felt bad for anyone who had cold groceries in their vehicle, but I had packed mine in cooler bags.
I felt bad for people who had little ones stuck in the vehicle with them but I did not have the potty-training toddler with me so I had no worries of hearing "pee!  pee!".
I felt bad for people who had to go to the bathroom, weren't feeling well or had diarrhea, but I was feeling fine and had actually (uncharacteristically of me) did a quick potty stop at the grocery store so I was good.
I didn't have to pick up children from school, get back to work, or make an appointment.  I was set.

I waited patiently.

1 1/2 hours later we slowly started to move.

That's when I realized it wasn't a construction issue;  I saw a tow truck towing an 18 wheeler away.  I saw numerous state police and local police cars.  Two vehicles were being interviewed by police officers.

Last night I read the news and found out two people died in the accident that stopped our traffic. 

I felt good that I hadn't gotten angry or impatient while waiting in the traffic jam. 
Being a couple hours later than planned was nothing compared to the two people that lost their lives.