It's Just the Coffee Talking: Wanderlust

Good Morning Coffee Friends....

Ah, wanderlust is hitting hard. So many reasons I've not been able to go... anywhere or do... anything for 2 years now.   My heart has been wanting to hit the road with my tent.  It's not really feasible for a few reasons - all of which are valid - but that doesn't make it easier.

Last night I talked to my favorite uncle on the phone.  He mentioned he is waiting to hear back if he's going to be managing a thousand head of cattle this summer out in the Dakotas.   It would just be him and the cattle out there, along with the personal horses he'd be using to watch over the herd and keep watch over the land.  If he does end up managing it, I'm sorely tempted to make a trip out that way for a visit.  With a couple thousand acres, I could pitch my tent up and have some solitude under the stars while also enjoying a visit with my uncle.

On paper (so to speak) it doesn't look like it's at all possible; money, other situations, my job... but it doesn't keep my mind from drifting that way once in a while.

Back to reality though... the mail just came (I heard the truck) and I know there is a letter I'm dreading in it, so I best just rip the band-aid off and go out and get the mail and deal with it promptly.  Else it will eat away at me all day until I do.

It's just the coffee talking again..........



 As Ukraine mourns its dead, 109 empty strollers were lined up in the central square of Lviv on March 18, 2022, to commemorate each child killed in the country since Russia's invasion.