It's Just the Coffee Talking....

Some of the Canadian truckers have had their bank accounts 'un' frozen but many still have no access to their bank accounts and many have no idea where their trucks are if or when they'll get them back....

While other countries have deemed Covid just another cold/flu people need to live with at this point and is not a real threat to the population's health... other idiots are still trying to push the narrative to keep the money rolling in to their bank accounts....

Starting in 2021 - when you say "shits and giggles" most everyone knows exactly who you are talking about.  And why.

We have a number of photos similar to this from my childhood! 
There is a picture of me, about 3 years old, standing on the back step of our little camper, on the side of a random highway somewhere in Colorado I believe - where I'm eating Spaghettio's for lunch
from a tiny little blue melamine bowl.
Even though we traveled cross country all the time as a little kid, I never remember, ever, eating fast food.  Ever.  Stopping at McDonalds or Taco Tico, etc. would have been a 'special' trip - not a stop on a road trip.

How I feel when I fix something... yep, that's about right.

The American People's Freedom Convoy has over 2500 vehicles, raised over 1.5 million dollars in support... yet you won't find coverage on main stream media unless you go looking for it.

I got 99 problems... and my toddler single-handedly created 98 of them in 27 minutes...
Bah ha ha!
This is kinda why you are only getting memes again today.