Joe Biden blocked the way for the first black female to be on the Supreme Court; and said that food shortages were a leadership problem - not a shortage problem.


I'm here... with coffee.  My second, freshly brewed.... and hoping it will take a slight edge off this intense, awful headache I woke up with.

Have you pondered where all the batteries for the cars and trucks that are going 'green' will end up?
Do you know where the huge wind turbines end up after they are no longer good after just a short 20 year lifespan?  

You should wonder.
And then you should look it up.

And then ponder over coffee the fact that almost 50 million tons of wind turbines are being buried in mass graves and they are going to be there for about 400 years.

Green.  Yep. Green indeed.




Joe Biden killed the nomination for the first black female to be on the Supreme Court.
Republicans nominated Janice Rogers Brown off the US Court of Appeals - opening the way for the Supreme Court. BIDEN blocked her.

$15 for making french fries?  Free handouts called stimulus payments?
And now you complain about inflation.  Interesting. Do they teach anything in high school anymore?

Biden said in 2020 that food shortages were a LEADERSHIP problem.
That didn't age well.