Google added a couple more ways to request personal info private in searches... but seriously - we shouldn't have to request it!

So, this weekend I saw an article about how Google was adding a couple more ways to request keeping  personal info private in searches... things like your social security number, bank account numbers, phone numbers and digital copies of your signature, etc.  

Which is... good.  But hello?  This should NOT be on the world-wide accessible internet to begin with.  

We should not have to request our personal information not be posted for billions of strangers to see.
We should not have request sites to remove it page by page by page (you have to give them the exact and precise url and they will only remove that one.  Nothing else.)
We should not have to pay extra for identity theft protection from companies like Experian and other credit agencies - NOR should they have the right to sell or market information.

Anyway...  here is direct from Googles site on what they will remove and how to request them to do it.



Remove select personally identifiable info (PII) or doxxing content from Google Search

Google may remove personally identifiable information (PII) that has potential to create significant risks of identity theft, financial fraud, harmful direct contact, or other specific harms. This includes doxxing, which is when your contact info is shared in a malicious way. This article is intended to support you through the process to request removal of such content from Google search results.

We evaluate each request based on the criteria listed below, and evaluate the content for public interest. As a result, we may:

  • Remove the provided URL(s) for all queries,
  • Remove the URL(s) for only queries including your name, or
  • In some circumstances, deny your request.


Requirements to remove personally identifiable info

For us to consider the content for removal, it must pertain to the following types of information:

  • Confidential government identification (ID) numbers like U.S. Social Security Number, Argentine Single Tax Identification Number, Brazil Cadastro de pessoas Físicas, Korea Resident Registration Number, China Resident Identity Card, etc.
  • Bank account numbers
  • Credit card numbers
  • Images of handwritten signatures
  • Images of ID docs
  • Highly personal, restricted, and official records, like medical records
  • Personal contact info (physical addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses)
  • Confidential login credentials

Requirements to remove doxxing content

For us to consider the content for removal, it must meet both of these requirements:

  1. Your contact info is present.
  2. There’s the presence of:
    • Explicit or implicit threats, or
    • Explicit or implicit calls to action for others to harm or harass.

Request to remove select personal info from Google Search

You or your authorized representative can submit a request to remove links to the content from Google search results. Any authorized representative will need to explain how they have the authority to act on your behalf.

Important: We only review the URLs that you or your authorized representative submits in the form.

Start removal request













Biographies of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and of Washington and Patrick Henry - also containing the Constitution of the United States and other documents

We, the people of the United States,
in order to form a more perfect union,
establish justice, insure domestic tranquillity,
provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare,
and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,
do ordain and establish this constitution
for the United States of America.

Free for you to download and read....




The Constitution of the United States




“The proper study of mankind is man.” 


Entered according to the Act of Congress,
A.   D. 1839,
by Timothy Caldwell, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania. 



Declaration of Independence -- Thomas Jefferson -- John Hancock -- Benjamin Franklin -- Roger Sherman -- Edward Rutledge -- Thomas M’Kean -- Philip Livingston -- George Wythe -- Abraham Clark -- Francis Lewis -- Richard Stockton -- Samuel Adams -- Dr. Benjamin Rush -- Oliver Wolcott -- George Read -- Thomas Heyward -- Robert Morris -- John Witherspoon -- Thomas Lynch, Jr. -- Matthew Thornton -- William Floyd -- William Whipple -- Francis Hopkinson, Esq. -- Josiah Bartlett -- Arthur Middleton -- James Wilson -- Charles Carroll, of Carrollton -- William Williams -- Samuel Huntington -- George Walton -- George Clymer -- Carter Braxton -- John Morton -- Richard Henry Lee -- Stephen Hopkins -- Robert Treat Paine -- George Taylor -- Francis Lightfoot Lee -- Thomas Stone -- Lewis Morris -- John Hart -- Button Gwinnett -- William Ellery -- Lyman Hall -- John Penn -- Elbridge Gerry -- William Paca -- George Ross -- Benjamin Harrison -- Cæsar Rodney -- Samuel Chase -- William Hooper -- Thomas Nelson -- James Smith -- Joseph Hewes -- John Adams -- George Washington -- Patrick Henry -- Appendix: Washington’s Farewell Address to the People of the United States. A Declaration by the Representatives of the United Colonies of North America, setting forth the causes and necessity of their taking up arms. Articles of Confederation. Constitution of the United States. Amendments to the Constitution. The Declaration of Independence as originally written by Thomas Jefferson. 




I see there are sellers online 'selling' this book at a cost of $28 and up.  All they are doing is printing this free book - as it's copyright is public domain in the USA.   What does this mean?  This means everyone can download and/or read it for free through Project Gutenberg.   Project Gutenberg books are always free!







It's Just the Coffee Talking: sending an old school, honest to goodness birthday card through the mail (gasp) and grocery cost chit chat

This morning is such a change from yesterday!  (Yesterday morning was rushing and a bit of stress and frustration between 7:00-10:30.)  This morning has been much more relaxed... although time is slipping away from me quickly - I have a feeling today is going to speed by!

I surprised a family member yesterday by sending an 'old school' birthday card.  Yep, in the mail.  I texted her yesterday morning to send birthday wishes her way; she texted me again later that afternoon when she arrived home and found a birthday card in the mail!  She was surprised and we had a good laugh over it.

Because of budget constraints and things going on, I've not done a 'real' grocery shopping trip in a while, so either today or Monday I'll probably have to do one as the fresh foods in the household are now down to the ''long lasting" items;  cabbage, celery and apples.  Of course our freezer is well stocked with broccoli, green beans, squash, zucchini, spinach, etc. as well as fruit so really... I could put off grocery shopping even longer.  

The reason I bring up grocery shopping is because when I go at least 2 weeks between shopping trips there is always a huge jump in prices.  Less 'in your face' when you are going weekly as the prices may rise bit by bit but you are preoccupied and paying another $.50 or $1.00 for 3/4 of your items may irritate you but it's not the sticker-shock you get when you go 2-3 weeks between trips.

I have often been seeing price hikes of up to $3 per item on my shopping trips.  That's $.50-$3 per item times 30-50 or so items, right?  OUCH.  Which is why it's easy for a normal grocery shopping trip to be upwards of $100+ for the exact same items you've bought all year long.

My last comparison showed normal groceries for our family was up an average of $140 per trip for the same items I typically buy on a 30-50 item trip.

Anyway!  I was just thinking out loud there as I try to decide my priority list on tasks, errands, cleaning, cooking, shopping, repairs, calls, online accounting, etc. to do today... and what funds I may or may not have to pay bills online as well.



.... meh, it's just the coffee talking again.




Facebook should show mutual blocks instead of mutual friends. 
Nothing brings people together like "I hate that m*therf*cker too!"

Objecting to Twitter becoming politically neutral is to admit that... it isn't.

The problem with capitalism is that there's so much prosperity and free time, people start creating their own problems.




rush rush rush

Tree guys coming this morning.  Arriving right about when I'm going to be from my morning commute home.  Logistics on driveway blocking running through my mind at this moment.

I have my ability to get up the drive and/or park.  Also Mr. Coffee as he has to leave for a medical appointment mid-way through their work.

Also have a delivery scheduled today and garbage pick up around the same time.

Already running about 10 minutes behind right now getting ready to rush out the door.



Report Reveals Biden Administration’s Wasteful Spending Including Funding Chinese Researchers


President Joe Biden's Administration allegedly wasted $10.5 trillion based on a report issued by United States Senator for Oklahoma James Lankford on Sunday.

Entitled "Federal Fumbles: Ways The Government Dropped The Ball," the report is the sixth volume in a series released by Senator James Lankford that exposes government inefficiency and waste. The report offers solutions on how the federal government's wasteful spending could be stopped immediately.


CBN News said the report goes further by digging deeper into the Biden Administration's spending for Medicare, Social Security, and national highway funding. In the report's summary, the senator identified 10 fumbles in government spending, which he coined as "Border Boondoggle," "Robot Dogs," "Championing China," "Russian History," "Hanging Around," "Ski Jumping," "Fishing In Guam," "Soft On Crime, All In On Drugs," "The Lobster Lobby," and "Sidewalks & Bike Trail."

According to the Top 10 Fumbles, two authors were commissioned by the National Endowment for the Humanities to write on Russian art for $120,000. While the National Institutes of Health awarded $1.7 million to the Peking University for a Chinese aging survey and $606,000 to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention for influenza surveillance and research.

Lankford highlighted that Biden "was so determined to leave the border open, he spent (read: wasted) well over $2 billion to not build fencing."

The senator said Biden released a $30 million grant for "safe smoking kits" as a means to combat drug smuggling and crime through the border. This is supported by the robot dogs, which costs $90,000 to $150,000 each, that will be deployed at the border by the Department of Homeland Security to stop illegal immigration.

In addition, $3 million was spent on a fisherman's cooperative in Guam and $500,000 was used to revamp New Hampshire's Nansen Ski Club ski jump. This excludes the $765,000 released to Maine to study the future of the lobster industry and $569,000 to Connecticut to remove their lobster pots. Thus, totaling $1.3 million for the lobster lobby.

Millions were also spent for sidewalks and bike trail projects, which included Rhode Island's $960,000 Purgatory Road and $500,000 bike path bridges. Plus, Florida's $2.9 million Palmetto Trails; Connecticut's $424,000 Country Club Road replacement; and Vermont's $2 million bike trails. Then there's the National Endowment for the Arts spending more than $20 million on dance performances, theatre, and opera including $15,000 on a monkey opera.

"After two years of overspending on 'COVID,' it is time now more than ever to look at how the government has dropped the ball and push for real solutions to recover before more damage is done," Lankford ended.






It's Just the Coffee Talking: Pondering this over morning coffee... a woman Episcopal priest realizes the Catholic Church is the true home

Lots of things in this short piece, to ponder over morning coffee.  



A woman priest comes home

Written By Jane Brock

Jane Brock is a former Episcopal priest. She received the sacrament of Confirmation in 2008, and is now the Funeral and Bereavement Coordinator at St. Matthew Catholic Church in Charlotte, NC.

Fourteen years ago, I walked into my Catholic parish and was confirmed in the One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic Church, the culmination of a year of discernment, prayer, study, questioning, and wrestling with the enormity of this move both professionally and personally. 

While I was certain about the decision to convert, many other people, family included, weren’t convinced. Some of the questions I’m asked over and over are versions of, “How could you leave the priesthood?”, “How could you come into a church that doesn’t value inclusivity, especially of women?”, and “Shouldn’t the Catholic Church ordain women?” The Episcopal bishop with whom I met to resign my holy orders asked the latter two. 

But these questions are begging a bigger question: that the Church has authority to confer priestly ordination on women (it doesn’t). Priesthood isn’t a prize that goes to the one who desires it the most, but to the men God calls to that vocation. Good priests know the sacrifice and loneliness as well as the joy and fulfillment it can bring. It is far more than dressing up and playing at the altar at Mass, which is where most people encounter a priest. I can affirm that it is not glamorous to be called out in the middle of the night to pray with the sick, to forgo a day off to bury a parishioner, or to listen to unjust criticism without reacting inappropriately. Whether women are able to perform this work is really not the issue. If women could be priests, don’t you think Jesus should have ordained his mother?

The fact that the priesthood isn’t open to women brings up other questions: why did God make us male and female? Are our differences important in the scheme of things? Ontologically, women and men are equally valued by the Creator. Both sexes together represent the fullness of the imago Dei, but we are not the same in how that plays out, e.g., women can never father children.

The competition between the sexes began in Genesis 3 when Eve decided to disobey God’s orders to refrain from eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. One of the consequences, said God, was enmity between man and woman: “your urge shall be for your husband, and he shall be your master” (Gen.3:16). And so, the conflict began and continues to this day. 

Current culture says that for women to have equal worth, they must be the same as men, but this is a lie of the Enemy. In my experience both as clergy and as a social worker, I’ve met women who rail against men while at the same time trying to be more like them. They consider themselves superior to men, especially when they are successful in some area of life and work.  Failures are often blamed on the patriarchy that held them back rather than personal shortcomings. These arguments are not only false but also rob women of moral agency and set up a logical fallacy. Women were created to be different from men in function, but since there is no hierarchy of human dignity and worth, there is therefore no need for competition between the sexes.

This doesn’t mean women are rarely to be “seen and seldom heard,” relegated only to the home and the raising of children, as crucial as that work is. Scripture is filled with references to women who did important and courageous work outside their homes: Esther, Deborah, Judith, the ideal wife of Proverbs 31, and Priscilla come to mind, as do the women who followed Jesus on his way to the Cross.  Women can both be feminine and courageous, feminine and brave, feminine and learned. In the Catholic Church, we read and study Scripture alongside men, and so 'build ourselves up in our most holy faith’ (Jude 20). The point of women and men, our highest calling, is to glorify God and build up His Kingdom - that is the true goal of human life.








Ramble ramble ramble.... it's just the coffee talking


Good Morning....

This morning I skimmed headline news and had to click away.  Nope. Not doing it.  It's incredible.  Just... incredible.  The lies, stupidity, hatred and negativity...

Had a crappy morning anyway on the morning commute through the winding mountain back-roads I have to take.  One of those cars who get right up on your butt and WILL. NOT. BACK. OFF.  It didn't matter if I was going 20 mph over the limit or 5 mph under; she was a determined little b*tch.

Honestly though, it's been a long, long time since I've had someone follow that incredibly close - seriously.  You have your normal 'close' and then you have your "this is insanely weird" people close.  She was that one.  In my rear view mirror not only could I not see her headlights or front grill...  my 'view' of her car started almost half way up her front hood... now that's f-ing unsafe close.

The *only* time she backed off was the 3 times we have to pass FLOCK cameras (that take photos of your back license plates and send it to the local police so they know everyone passing by) - she backed off to a more normal still following too close or else they would have seen in the photos HER car without being able to even get a peek at my back license plate - because yes, she was that close.  

That tells me she does this all the time because she knew to back off for police photos....

So I had to deal with her stupidity.... And that was before I even had coffee - because I was up reading part of the early morning hours and finally fell back to sleep at 6:am and slept until 6:45 with just enough time to get up and rush to get clothes/makeup on and get out the door... sans coffee.  

But I've had coffee now.

I've got some tasks waiting for me I've got to get to asap.  Thanks for popping in!







We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I TOLD YOU SO in the history of the world. 




It's Just the Coffee Talking: fixing the vibrating noise due to ice build up on an LG refrigerator


That's a pretty loud "HI!" but hey, I've been up for hours already (since um, 3:30 ish?) so even though it's only 5:30, I'm awake!  And you should be too!  

Refrigerator/freezer seem to be working well!  If you missed it - but a search for an LG refrigerator freezer making a vibrating, loud, thudding noise brought you here.....

One morning a few days ago I walked into the kitchen to realize the refrigerator was making a ruckus. I opened the door(s) and the noise stopped.  Closing it, it would start again.  I knew I had 'shoved' the freezer drawer closed the night before putting a bag of mozzarella cheese in an already full freezer and although the door was closed and looked sealed up tight, I had a feeling it wasn't absolutely 100% since I had to push it to close.  I opened the drawer, took out the large bag of cheese and noted 3 or 4 tiny icicles hanging down from the drawer.  Yep.  Not a good sign.  The freezer had worked extra hard all night as there wasn't a complete seal.

Hoping it would fix itself, I closed everything up tight and waited.  Nope.  Sound came back.

That evening I took apart the bottom freezer hoping to get into the back panel and see if there was ice build-up on a fan.  Although I could see a bit of ice build up on both sides of the back panel, this particular model of LG was completely sealed.  No clips, openings or ways to get into the panel and pop it off!

So, I had to work under the assumption it was an ice build up.  I removed all the foods and placed them into the deep freezer and into a cooler chest (and took the ice out of the ice bin so that wouldn't melt into a huge puddle).  We unplugged the refrigerator and left it unplugged all night so any build up of ice anywhere inside would melt off.

The next morning it was plugged back in.  Yesterday after errand running I came home, all was still quiet and well so the foods all went back in.  So far so good!

So it looks like (fingers crossed) I saved a large service call bill....





Chatting over morning coffee around the kitchen table since 2004. I post what I feel like posting... if I start to ramble or rant, don't mind me, it's just the coffee talking!

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Yet another Pfizer recall....

Whenever I am with my family and someone says, "Wow, you have a beautiful family!" 
I reply, "Well, we left the ugly ones at home."

The key to looking amazing is looking like shit most of the time, so it's more of a surprise.

If you're upset that Elon Musk is buying Twitter could lead to a breakout of free speech....
You're not the good guys.

Things that used to hurt my back... falling out of trees, crashing my bike, jumping off garages
Things that hurt my back now?  Sneezing.  Tying my shoes. Rolling over in bed... LOL
(meme found on the net - spelling mistakes are not mine)

It's Just the Coffee Talking: Welp, the fridge 'was' still broken... but now (again) I'm hoping maybe it's not

Good Morning Coffee Friends -

Welp, last night I gathered up my things and went into the kitchen to get a drink before heading to bed to blissfully read myself to sleep. 

That's when I realized the refrigerator was up to that noise again.  That thumping, whomping, vibration noise.  

It made sense to me that it was doing it; I was just *hopeful* it would have miraculously cured itself when it was doing it previously.  (Hope springs eternal and all that...)

Well, the best guess ice build up on 'something' due to the seal not being completely closed previously.  The noise was thumping and vibrating when closed, but open the door and noise stopped.  It's a fan part.  I opened up the lower freezer drawer, got everything out onto the counters and then got all the baskets and drawers out.

I couldn't figure out how to get the actual metal slide-outs to let me take off the entire front of the freezer but no worries.  I was small enough to wiggle in and under and through.  I got 'into' the lower freezer compartment and sure enough, I saw some ice build up on the outsides of the panel.  NOT as much as I thought I would see, but some, and on both sides.

The problem:  LG has the entire panel SEALED.  Literally there is no access.  No clips, openings, edges... nothing.  It's sealed up tight to prevent the panel from being taken off to see what was inside (or melt any ice build up!)

BUT I kind of remember the last time a service person was here to fix that fridge (maybe 6 years ago or so?  I don't recall exactly) but I remember him having to take literally EVERY shelf out of the whole fridge and freezer because he stated "Yeah, on this model they make the back panel one huge piece, the only way you can access it is to remove everything and you have to take the entire back wall off."

So... I decided to do the first common sense thing that came to mind.

To empty out the refrigerator portion as well (freezer was already empty so I could crawl into it) and then unplug the refrigerator for 12-24 hours in order to let any ice build up (if there is some) melt off.  

Sure it would be a pain... but I didn't want to let that fan keep working overtime if it was coated in ice build up - ultimately burning out and breaking down.  My thought was (and is) *IF* unplugging it and letting it set 12-24 hours to melt any build-up, then it might run fine without the extra work and possibly save me an expensive service call and parts/labor costs.

Especially right now when parts are fairly hard to get with the whole world situation on random parts shortages......

I went ahead and pulled the fridge out, put all the drawers and freezer parts back in; and plugged it back in this morning.  It's been about an hour and so far it's quiet....  but I'm not putting any food back in yet!  I'll give it until this afternoon to see if all is still quiet on the homefront.

UPDATE:  it was still running fine and quiet... so all the food went back in.  So far so good.  Hopefully that took care of the problem! 



It's Just the Coffee Talking: rambling chit chat over morning coffee - fridge isn't broke

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

If I can sip coffee and sit here chit-chatting while doing so, I can procrastinate starting to do all the things.

YESTERDAY morning I walked into the kitchen to hear the refrigerator making a ruckus.  Oh no. 

It was a continuous thump thump thump thump sound from a motor running full speed ahead... I opened the door.  It stopped.  Closed the door, it started again.  Dang.  

A number of things ran through my mind from the compressor to thermostat issues, etc.  I went through hell about 9 years ago getting it fixed (back when it was brand new and STILL broke within the first year) and I thought to myself "I'll buy another damn $2400 refrigerator and put it on a credit card before I'll go through THAT f'ed-up customer service hell again!"  

(I don't think they make my exact model anymore but it's similar to these at Amazon)

Hoping maybe the freezer was just left open or something and it wasn't sealed right, I checked but everything looked fine.  Just to be sure, I opened the freezer drawer... I saw 4 little icicles hanging.  YES!  (This is a good thing!)  And I gave a squeeze to the fruit and cheese to see if there was any 'give' or not.  There was a bit. Just enough to tell me they weren't frozen completely solid.  Yay!  Because the icicles and 'not quite' frozen meant it was a seal issue NOT a fan/motor/compressor issue.  

And I immediately knew the culprit.  The mozzarella cheese bag.
The freezer was full, but the day before, I had shoved a new, large bag of mozzarella cheese in there anyway because I didn't want to walk it to the deep freezer.  I had to 'push' the drawer closed and it resisted, but I gave it a good shove and thought it was fine.

It wasn't.
Although I couldn't 'see' any openings of the seal, it obviously wasn't completely sealed due to the drawer being too full... and it had been working overtime to try to compensate.

I removed the offending bag of cheese, closed the drawer (easily this time). 
Within about 10 minutes or so the noise was down to a quieter level and soon, it stopped completely.  Last night I couldn't hear it sounded any different than normal and no more icicles or 'not quite solid' foods were found.

I just save myself $2400.

4/25/22 there is an update that it started up again. 


The logic behind this... ponder it.
Fauci is pissed that a US COURT can overrule the whims of an organization or agency.  

Ants never get sick... they have little anty bodies.

You walk gracefully in high heels.
I fall over my own feet in flip flops.


It's Just the Coffee Talking: a nice, relaxed rambling Friday morning post about my new HOOVER DUAL SPIN carpet cleaner!


Good Morning Coffee Friends!!!

It's a beautiful Friday!  Fridays are (typically) my day off from regular stuff and where I immerse myself into 'other' stuff. 

What that means is I'm not rushing and running out the door in the morning and instead, I am usually home, and able to drink my coffee a little slower and actually type a bit of a blog post.

My NEW CARPET CLEANER being delivered today!!! 

Last weekend I prepared the family room for a major carpet clean only to realize my carpet cleaner no longer worked.  The motor ran but it wasn't functioning.  Long story made short, I ended up purchasing a new one and it's slated to come today.  OH HAPPY DAY.

For those wondering - It's this one:   Hoover Dual Spin Carpet Cleaner

I had a Bissell ProHeat 2x previously but they don't make my exact model any longer, and in researching the newer models, I wasn't impressed.  I also wanted a stronger motor - and Hoovers have more amps.  I'm picky about a couple other things that are important to me and this one fits most of my "check boxes" so I'm going to try it.

Ultimately, I hope I'm busy cleaning carpets this afternoon, assuming it is delivered in time.  (If it comes past 3:00 or so, probably not... maybe tomorrow or Sunday instead.)

Now... I think I'm off to make one more cup of coffee (my 3rd), make a grocery list, a dinner plan (so I can take something out of the freezer to thaw), let the dog 'out' and feed her breakfast, balance the checking account, and a few more things just to procrastinate starting to tape-off that master bathroom that I really, really (really!) don't want to start painting.

👉UPDATE:  It was delivered around 11:00 am so... I've been cleaning the carpets!!!!  

It was SUPER fast and intuitive to put together - (like, snapping 2 pieces together and done!).  I was literally cleaning carpets within 10 minutes of it being delivered, and that included moving a few large toy structures out of the room to prep.  It was fast, easy and exactly what I hoped for.  YAY!


It's just been the coffee talking again... but if felt so good to have the time to sit here and sip and ramble for a change!








 "That's not the process of rule-making in the United States"


 The CDC went past its authority on mask mandates, and extended the rule for airlines and other forms of mass transit twice because it wanted "more time to do a study that they don't want to talk about," and never gave a reason for keeping the masks, Rep. Byron Donalds told Newsmax on Wednesday.⁠

"That's not the process of rule-making in the United States," the Florida Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America," while noting that he agrees with U.S. District Judge Kathryn Kimball Mizelle in Florida, who earlier this week struck down the federal mask mandate for all forms of public transportation.⁠

"If you're going to come out with an order, you have to give the public an opportunity to understand why," Donalds said. "All the CDC was doing here was continuing the extension because they wanted to. They never gave the public a reason. They never gave the airlines a reason. I think the judge's order is appropriate and glad she made the decision."⁠



 My milkshake... brings all the bees to the car (oldie but goodie)


 Alexa... call the police!
"Roxanne plays as I get shot 16 times"



Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I'm rocking a wicked headache this morning!  Perhaps because I only had 1 cup of coffee?  Caffeine withdraw? 

Just got one meme for you today as I'm in a rush and it's taken me hours to even get back to this editing box at all....  enjoy!

     America before Joe Biden and after Joe Biden... #TRUEMEMES  LOL

Read this article and loved it.  It deserves to be read.  And pondered over morning coffee.



Sweden’s inconvenient Covid victory

Were millions of people denied freedom for nothing?


by Johan Anderberg   -   April 19, 2022


When, the summer before last, the results of the first Covid wave began to be tallied in the media, there were different ways of measuring the devastation. One way of looking at the pandemic was to focus on how many people died — more than half a million around the world by the end of June. Another was to try assessing the complicated impacts of the various measures taken to combat the virus. When a lot of the functions in society were frozen, people struggled — especially the most vulnerable. 

For those who preferred the first perspective, there was plenty of data to lean on. Meticulous records of the death toll were being kept in most countries, especially the wealthy ones, and presented in stylish graphs on various sites: the Johns Hopkins University website, Worldometer, Our World in Data. 

 It was a lot harder to measure the consequences of the lockdowns. They appeared here and there as scattered anecdotes and figures. Perhaps the most striking data point came from the US: by the end of the academic year, a total of 55.1 million students had been affected by school closures. 

But still, the death toll was more interesting. In early summer, The New York Times had published a front page completely devoid of pictures. Instead, it contained a long list of people who had died: a thousand names, followed by their age, location, and a very brief description. “Alan Lund, 81, Washington, conductor with ‘the most amazing ear'”; “Harvey Bayard, 88, New York, grew up directly across the street from the old Yankee Stadium”. And so on. 

It was The New York Times’s national editor who had noticed that the US death toll was about to pass 100,000, and so wanted to create something memorable — something you could look back on in 100 years to understand what society was going through. The front page was reminiscent of what a newspaper might look like during a bloody war. 

It brought to mind the way American TV stations had reported the names of fallen soldiers at the end of every day during the Vietnam War. The idea spread quickly across the world. A few weeks later, in Sweden, the front page of Dagens Nyheter was covered with 49 colour photographs below the words: “One Day, 118 Lives.” Those 118 people had passed away on 15 April. It was the highest daily death toll recorded throughout the Spring. Since then, it had steadily been falling. 

When the epidemiologist Johan Giesecke read the paper, it left him a little puzzled. On any normal day, 275 people die in Sweden, he thought. He’d spent a large part of his life studying just that: where, when, and how people die. The way the world currently thought about death was, to him, completely alien. When he’d taken part in an online conference in Johannesburg, one participant had pointed out that, in that year alone, more than 2 million people had died of hunger in the world. During the same period, Covid-19 had claimed between 200,000 and 300,000 lives. 

Giesecke felt as though the world was going through a self-inflicted global disaster. If things had simply been left to run their course, it would have been over by now. Instead, millions of children were being deprived of their education. In some countries, they weren’t even allowed to go to playgrounds. From Spain came stories of parents sneaking down into parking garages with their children to let them run around. 

Tens of thousands of surgeries had been postponed by healthcare services. Screenings for everything from cervical to prostate cancer were put on ice. This wasn’t just happening in other countries. Sweden had seen its fair share of peculiar decisions, too. The Swedish police hadn’t tested drivers for insobriety for months, out of fear of the virus. This year, it didn’t seem quite as serious if someone were to get killed by a drunk driver. 

It was becoming obvious that the media, the politicians, and the public had a hard time assessing the risks of the new virus. To most people, the figures didn’t mean anything. But they saw the healthcare services getting overwhelmed in several countries. They heard the testimonies from nurses and doctors. Here and there in the world — in Germany, the UK, Ecuador — people had been taking to the streets to protest the rules, laws, and decrees curtailing their lives. From other countries came reports that people were starting to flout the restrictions. But the force of the resistance remained weaker than Giesecke had expected. There had been no French revolution, no global backlash. 

One explanation for the citizens’ passivity might have been the coverage of the deadliness of the virus in the media; it seemed they had been fed a non-contextualised picture of how serious the Covid-19 pandemic really was. During the Spring and Summer, the global consultancy firm Kekst CNC had asked people in five big democracies — the UK, Germany, France, the US, and Japan — about all kinds of things relating to the virus and society. The sixth country in the survey was Sweden. Sweden was a lot smaller than the other countries, but was included due to the unique path it was taking through the pandemic. 

The questions were about everything, ranging from people’s opinions on actions taken by the authorities, to the state of the job market, and on whether they thought their governments were providing sufficient support to trade and industry. The twelfth and final topic in the survey contained two questions: “How many people in your country have had the coronavirus? How many people in your country have died?” 

At the same time as increasingly reliable figures were trickling in with regard to the actual deadliness of Covid-19, there was now a study of the number that people believed had died. In the US, the average guess in mid-July was that 9% of the population had died. If that had been true, it would have corresponded to almost 30 million Americans deaths. The death toll was thus overestimated by 22,500% — or 225 times over. In the UK as well as in France and Sweden, the death toll was exaggerated a hundredfold. The Swedish guess of 6% would have corresponded to 600,000 deaths in the country. By then, the official death toll was more than 5,000 and inching closer to 6,000. 

Reporting the average guess was perhaps a little misrepresentative, as some people replied with very high numbers. In the UK, the most common answer was that around 1% of the population had died — in other words, a lot less than the 7% average. But it was still a figure that overestimated the number of deaths more than tenfold. At this point, 44,000 Brits had been registered dead — or around 0.07% of the population. The breakdown of the numbers further showed that more than a third of the Brits responded with a figure of over 5% of the population. 

This would have been like the whole population of Wales dropping dead. It would have meant many times more Brits dying of Covid-19 than during the entire Second World War — civilian and military casualties included. 

The war rhetoric brandished by the leaders of the world had had an impact. Their citizens really did believe they were living through a war. Then, two years into the pandemic, the war ended. There were no longer any foreign journalists at the Swedish Public Health Agency’s press conferences. No Americans, Brits, Germans, or Danes asked why schools were staying open, or why the country hadn’t gone into lockdown. 

In large part, this was because the rest of the world had quietly begun to live with the new virus. Most of the world’s politicians had given up hope on both lockdowns and school closures. And yet, considering all those articles and TV segments that had been produced about Sweden’s foolishly libertarian attitude to the pandemic, considering the way some data sources had been referenced daily by the world’s media, this sudden lack of interest was strange. 

For anyone still interested, the results were impossible to deny. By the end of 2021, 56 countries had registered more deaths per capita from Covid-19 than Sweden. With regard to the restrictions that the rest of the world had put so much faith in — school closures, lockdowns, face masks, mass testing — Sweden had more or less gone in the opposite direction. Yet its results were not noticeably different from those of other countries. It was beginning to become increasingly clear that the political measures that had been deployed against the virus were of limited value. But no one spoke about this. 

From a human perspective, it was easy to understand why so many were reluctant to face the numbers from Sweden. For the inevitable conclusion must be that millions of people had been denied their freedom, and millions of children had had their education disrupted, all for nothing. 

Who would want to be complicit in that?




It's Just the Coffee Talking....


Good Morning!

Funny (not funny) that I just now got to this editor to chat - and literally, my 'last call to get dressed in time to run out the door this morning' alarm is dinging. 

So I'll type quickly.  And ramble.

I have numerous tasks/projects/things going on around the house that are not things that can be finished in minutes or some, even 1 day, so I have clutter in numerous areas and that makes me insane.

My brain does not function well with clutter.  Or unfinished tasks.


Which makes my brain come undone as I can only function with my ducks in a row.

A straight row.

Apparently a bronze and copper and gray bathroom is such a terrible idea and so ugly that my browser wanted to protect me from the images searing my brain for life.

Good Morning and Happy Easter! 

It's a quiet Easter for us; most of our family is 1000 miles away so we aren't joining any of their celebrations today obviously!

This year, perhaps since the last few days were relatively 'quiet' since I wasn't knee-deep in Easter preparations, meal planning, or Easter Bunny prep, I was actually able to focus on a part of Easter I don't usually get to;  Mary's perspective.

Friday and Saturday I was mostly alone all day (LOVE IT!) - and I found myself lost in thought about Mary's perspective; a mother watching her little boy beaten, whipped, made to struggle to carry a heavy cross through the streets.  Watching her son spit on and laughed at, stripped and then literally nailed to a large cross and hung up for all to stare at and mock.  To watch my child die.  

This morning before I got out of bed, I tried to imagine what Mary Magdalene and the other women would have felt like to be completely and utterly heartbroken to go to the cave where Jesus was placed, only to find the stone had moved and his body was gone.  To believe someone, being cruel, had stolen his body.

So many places my mind wandered this year as I was able to see Easter 2022 from a different perspective as it was just so much more 'quiet' than years past! 


RANDOM COFFEE CHAT:  So, over the past 4-5 years I've struggled with how to update our master bath.  There are only so many ways to update a bathroom without having to replace the flooring and the wall tiles, the shower enclosures, etc.  
The flooring is natural copper slate tiles, which continue up the sides of the tub area and line the entire back of the shower enclosure.  The same tiles, only smaller in size make up the floor of the shower, which is all glass.  Replacing the tile would be a huge, huge, and hugely expensive job. 

So the first update I made was about a year after we moved in; I refinished the counter tops to look like a black granite style - replacing the construction white counters they had in place (and had apparently stained with yellow burn marks from a hair straightener and/or smoking?).  I also made frames around the huge (HUGE) mirrors - painted black to match the counters.  Then, changed out the hardware.

We repainted the sage green walls with more of a wheat color to lighten it up.

And that is what we are still stuck with today.

I've spent the last 4-5 years trying to come up with a good plan to update without having to rip up all that tile that covers the huge space (our bathroom is roughly the size of a bedroom - or two normal sized bathrooms).  Painting the cupboards, the walls, and replacing mirrors, light fixtures or painting the edge frame of the all-glass huge shower enclosure are about all I can do without ripping down tiled walls and floors.

Over the past 3-4 weeks I've really been trying to find a style that would work with the colors in the copper and bronze slate tiles - as well as work with the rest of the house, our personalities, etc.

I would love to incorporate natural wood, white, cream, grays, taupes into that room but the colors do NOT go with the tile at all... although I keep trying. 

This morning once again, I'm trying.  So I randomly typed into the search bar on my browser something like this and then clicked on 'images':

Bronze, copper and gray bathroom

I had to laugh when my search engine hung up... and then finally showed me this screen -

It's a sad little crying face with a tear and says 
"Sorry, there are no images to show, images have been blocked by SAFE SEARCH"


Apparently a bronze and copper and gray bathroom is such a terrible idea and so ugly that my browser wanted to protect me from the images searing my brain for life.






"While America haggles over pronouns and teaching sex to five-year olds, America's adversaries are watching, they are building and they are ready to pounce." Tom Basile slams the lack of military strength under the Biden Presidency.





All the people who are vaccined up the ying-yang, still get the cold/flu and then say how wonderful it is they were vaccinated or they would have died!

A pediatrician isn't going to make as much if you don't get the vaccines....

My teen can't find her shoes and she has nobody to blame but me.  And her Dad.  Me again.  Her siblings, her own shoes, the school bus, the cat, our stupid house, the universe....

Maxine Waters has paid her daughter over 1.2 million dollars for... nothing.  Except, being the daughter of Maxine Waters.





Good Morning!!!

For the past 2 years I've been wanting to do a big 'donation' and 'trash' and 'give away' purge.  But Covid sucked that out of me because most of the thrift stores were closed anyway, and mandates in place meant people weren't going places, yada yada.  Everyone and their grandmother was stuck at home and doing donations, clean-outs, home remodels....  Donation centers were overrun with items and no one out buying them.  

I just felt like I should wait until places opened up again and they 'needed' good items for the donation centers.  

We also have young adult kids that could and would use a lot of the items - one of which was kind of planning on moving near us and could use literally almost anything we could give him.  From beds and bedding to kitchen items, pots and pans, towels, decor... you name, it we have it.  He could use it.  But they didn't end up relocating. 

So we still have all the things.

He won't need the items, our other kid 'near' us has no room for anything in her tiny place (although every time I say I'm making a donation pile she exclaims I CAN'T get rid of anything until she sees if she wants it first!)  Meanwhile, I currently have a bed, a lawnmower and a few bins we've been waiting for a year (literally) for her to GET AND TAKE TO HER PLACE.

Basically... I'm getting cranky. 
I want things gone.  I want things organized.  I want things fixed.  I want things refreshed. I want things clean (like the dang garage!!!)

That's where my cranky head is this morning....

... it's just the coffee talking again.




It's Just the Coffee Talking: The one where I continue to think it's Thursday over and over again (it's Friday! Friday, I tell ya!)

 Good Morning Coffee friends!

I woke this morning and thought today was Thursday. 

I checked text messages while still in bed, not wanting to get up yet, and saw one regarding it being payday - and thought to myself "Oh, that's weird, why did they do payday a day early?  Oh, it must be because of Easter".   I wondered if district office was getting a longer weekend and not working Friday so they scheduled payments for Thursday?

I got up, washed my face, got coffee and continued to think it was Thursday until I looked at my day-planner and saw it was not.  It's Friday

And then, I reverted to automatic pilot and STILL thought it was Thursday all over again until I logged into our bank account to balance it and again, I had to hover over the clock on my computer's screen to see the day/date was indeed truly Friday just to prove it to myself.

I think it's going to be one of those days where I will reset back to thinking it's Thursday over and over again.










Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king? And the pride land was overrun with the hyenas? And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained? Just asking. No reason.

Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king? And the pride land was overrun with the hyenas? And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained?  Just asking. No reason.

Remember in the Lion King when Scar cheated to win the title as king?
And the pride land was overrun with the hyenas?
And all of the lions lost everything they had built and maintained?

Just asking.
No reason.