Apparently a bronze and copper and gray bathroom is such a terrible idea and so ugly that my browser wanted to protect me from the images searing my brain for life.

Good Morning and Happy Easter! 

It's a quiet Easter for us; most of our family is 1000 miles away so we aren't joining any of their celebrations today obviously!

This year, perhaps since the last few days were relatively 'quiet' since I wasn't knee-deep in Easter preparations, meal planning, or Easter Bunny prep, I was actually able to focus on a part of Easter I don't usually get to;  Mary's perspective.

Friday and Saturday I was mostly alone all day (LOVE IT!) - and I found myself lost in thought about Mary's perspective; a mother watching her little boy beaten, whipped, made to struggle to carry a heavy cross through the streets.  Watching her son spit on and laughed at, stripped and then literally nailed to a large cross and hung up for all to stare at and mock.  To watch my child die.  

This morning before I got out of bed, I tried to imagine what Mary Magdalene and the other women would have felt like to be completely and utterly heartbroken to go to the cave where Jesus was placed, only to find the stone had moved and his body was gone.  To believe someone, being cruel, had stolen his body.

So many places my mind wandered this year as I was able to see Easter 2022 from a different perspective as it was just so much more 'quiet' than years past! 


RANDOM COFFEE CHAT:  So, over the past 4-5 years I've struggled with how to update our master bath.  There are only so many ways to update a bathroom without having to replace the flooring and the wall tiles, the shower enclosures, etc.  
The flooring is natural copper slate tiles, which continue up the sides of the tub area and line the entire back of the shower enclosure.  The same tiles, only smaller in size make up the floor of the shower, which is all glass.  Replacing the tile would be a huge, huge, and hugely expensive job. 

So the first update I made was about a year after we moved in; I refinished the counter tops to look like a black granite style - replacing the construction white counters they had in place (and had apparently stained with yellow burn marks from a hair straightener and/or smoking?).  I also made frames around the huge (HUGE) mirrors - painted black to match the counters.  Then, changed out the hardware.

We repainted the sage green walls with more of a wheat color to lighten it up.

And that is what we are still stuck with today.

I've spent the last 4-5 years trying to come up with a good plan to update without having to rip up all that tile that covers the huge space (our bathroom is roughly the size of a bedroom - or two normal sized bathrooms).  Painting the cupboards, the walls, and replacing mirrors, light fixtures or painting the edge frame of the all-glass huge shower enclosure are about all I can do without ripping down tiled walls and floors.

Over the past 3-4 weeks I've really been trying to find a style that would work with the colors in the copper and bronze slate tiles - as well as work with the rest of the house, our personalities, etc.

I would love to incorporate natural wood, white, cream, grays, taupes into that room but the colors do NOT go with the tile at all... although I keep trying. 

This morning once again, I'm trying.  So I randomly typed into the search bar on my browser something like this and then clicked on 'images':

Bronze, copper and gray bathroom

I had to laugh when my search engine hung up... and then finally showed me this screen -

It's a sad little crying face with a tear and says 
"Sorry, there are no images to show, images have been blocked by SAFE SEARCH"


Apparently a bronze and copper and gray bathroom is such a terrible idea and so ugly that my browser wanted to protect me from the images searing my brain for life.