Good Morning!!!

For the past 2 years I've been wanting to do a big 'donation' and 'trash' and 'give away' purge.  But Covid sucked that out of me because most of the thrift stores were closed anyway, and mandates in place meant people weren't going places, yada yada.  Everyone and their grandmother was stuck at home and doing donations, clean-outs, home remodels....  Donation centers were overrun with items and no one out buying them.  

I just felt like I should wait until places opened up again and they 'needed' good items for the donation centers.  

We also have young adult kids that could and would use a lot of the items - one of which was kind of planning on moving near us and could use literally almost anything we could give him.  From beds and bedding to kitchen items, pots and pans, towels, decor... you name, it we have it.  He could use it.  But they didn't end up relocating. 

So we still have all the things.

He won't need the items, our other kid 'near' us has no room for anything in her tiny place (although every time I say I'm making a donation pile she exclaims I CAN'T get rid of anything until she sees if she wants it first!)  Meanwhile, I currently have a bed, a lawnmower and a few bins we've been waiting for a year (literally) for her to GET AND TAKE TO HER PLACE.

Basically... I'm getting cranky. 
I want things gone.  I want things organized.  I want things fixed.  I want things refreshed. I want things clean (like the dang garage!!!)

That's where my cranky head is this morning....

... it's just the coffee talking again.