It's Just the Coffee Talking: In the end, I can't recommend the new cool hue's of the Mr. Coffee yet but I saw these GORGEOUS silicone mosaic drink coasters that I'm loving!


Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Second coffee almost finished and it's just 7:am now so I have another 2 cups in me before I'm probably (honestly) going to start on my day.  It's Saturday so being lazy until 8:am is totally ok in my book!

I've been meaning to tell everyone about a new coffee appliance for the past two weeks, but in the end I'm glad I didn't!  Why?  Well.....  I got an email from Mr. Coffee about their new 'hues' - gorgeous (gorgeous!) new color shades for their frappe/blender coffee makers.  I was pretty excited but life got in the way and I haven't had time to make a proper post.

Good thing I didn't... because this morning I finally was making the time to talk about them but when I went to the Mr. Coffee website to look at all the reviews, they were terrible!

It seems they work once, twice, maybe three times; and then don't work anymore.  People are saying they are turn them on, the light blinks and nothing will work.  They send for a replacement, the replacements do the same thing.

The only GOOD reviews were the fake enthusiastic reviews that got their products for free.  So, in the end, I'm not recommending them yet.  But in the meantime, how about some new drink coasters?

Have you seen these gorgeous silicone drink coasters? Ahhh!  GORGEOUS.


They are made of silicone so they aren't slippery like the glazed, ceramic versions (which I've literally had my coffee cups slide off of!)  The ones above are shades of mosaic blue....  

   They also have sets of 4 different mosaic compilations - so, so pretty!   

  One of my favorite for the spring colors - a blue and yellow mosaic patterned silicone coffee coaster!




For your funny coffee meme this morning...

I asked a mathematician his thoughts about the average person.
He said, "Statistically, they're very mean."