It's Just the Coffee Talking: a nice, relaxed rambling Friday morning post about my new HOOVER DUAL SPIN carpet cleaner!


Good Morning Coffee Friends!!!

It's a beautiful Friday!  Fridays are (typically) my day off from regular stuff and where I immerse myself into 'other' stuff. 

What that means is I'm not rushing and running out the door in the morning and instead, I am usually home, and able to drink my coffee a little slower and actually type a bit of a blog post.

My NEW CARPET CLEANER being delivered today!!! 

Last weekend I prepared the family room for a major carpet clean only to realize my carpet cleaner no longer worked.  The motor ran but it wasn't functioning.  Long story made short, I ended up purchasing a new one and it's slated to come today.  OH HAPPY DAY.

For those wondering - It's this one:   Hoover Dual Spin Carpet Cleaner

I had a Bissell ProHeat 2x previously but they don't make my exact model any longer, and in researching the newer models, I wasn't impressed.  I also wanted a stronger motor - and Hoovers have more amps.  I'm picky about a couple other things that are important to me and this one fits most of my "check boxes" so I'm going to try it.

Ultimately, I hope I'm busy cleaning carpets this afternoon, assuming it is delivered in time.  (If it comes past 3:00 or so, probably not... maybe tomorrow or Sunday instead.)

Now... I think I'm off to make one more cup of coffee (my 3rd), make a grocery list, a dinner plan (so I can take something out of the freezer to thaw), let the dog 'out' and feed her breakfast, balance the checking account, and a few more things just to procrastinate starting to tape-off that master bathroom that I really, really (really!) don't want to start painting.

👉UPDATE:  It was delivered around 11:00 am so... I've been cleaning the carpets!!!!  

It was SUPER fast and intuitive to put together - (like, snapping 2 pieces together and done!).  I was literally cleaning carpets within 10 minutes of it being delivered, and that included moving a few large toy structures out of the room to prep.  It was fast, easy and exactly what I hoped for.  YAY!


It's just been the coffee talking again... but if felt so good to have the time to sit here and sip and ramble for a change!