It's Just the Coffee Talking: probably not camping yet again this weekend... sigh.


Good Morning Coffee Friends....

I need to get dressed and hit the road soon but wanted to pop in quickly and chat over the last few sips of my coffee.

Last night I spent about 2-3 hours looking over some camping options in my state, as once again I'm on the threshold of taking off and doing a solo camping excursion.
In the end, I had an idea of where I'd 'maybe' be fine with going... but I have a LOT of work, tasks and projects and housework to catch up on this weekend even though the call of campfire coffee and cold sunrises calls me.

And... it's going to be incredibly cold.

Like, if it were to rain, it would turn to snow kind of cold.

So more than likely, once again, I'll be home cleaning, doing projects, tasks and housework instead of sitting around a fire with a mug of percolated coffee in my hands. 


The NCAA protected such a small minority and turned their back on what the organization and Title IX stands for....

Our leadership is so, so very corrupt.  So many ethics laws broken, so many lies, coverups and more....

All those woke companies that blindly donated billions to BLM... to fund million dollar mansions, cars and violence, looting, rioting and burning.  A domestic terrorist organization involved in money laundering.

Meanwhile in China....  "control your soul's desire for freedom... do not open the window or sing"

Pedophiles and sexual predators now have a buddy in high places....

That experimental shot you're putting into your body for no reason other than to take part in a money grab by big pharma...... with zero regard to the 9 pages of detrimental and deadly side-effects: isn't helping you.

If a tree falls in the swamp and mainstream media WON'T report it, will anyone hear about it?
Biden Corruption - rampant.