It's Just the Coffee Talking: rambling chit chat over morning coffee - fridge isn't broke

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

If I can sip coffee and sit here chit-chatting while doing so, I can procrastinate starting to do all the things.

YESTERDAY morning I walked into the kitchen to hear the refrigerator making a ruckus.  Oh no. 

It was a continuous thump thump thump thump sound from a motor running full speed ahead... I opened the door.  It stopped.  Closed the door, it started again.  Dang.  

A number of things ran through my mind from the compressor to thermostat issues, etc.  I went through hell about 9 years ago getting it fixed (back when it was brand new and STILL broke within the first year) and I thought to myself "I'll buy another damn $2400 refrigerator and put it on a credit card before I'll go through THAT f'ed-up customer service hell again!"  

(I don't think they make my exact model anymore but it's similar to these at Amazon)

Hoping maybe the freezer was just left open or something and it wasn't sealed right, I checked but everything looked fine.  Just to be sure, I opened the freezer drawer... I saw 4 little icicles hanging.  YES!  (This is a good thing!)  And I gave a squeeze to the fruit and cheese to see if there was any 'give' or not.  There was a bit. Just enough to tell me they weren't frozen completely solid.  Yay!  Because the icicles and 'not quite' frozen meant it was a seal issue NOT a fan/motor/compressor issue.  

And I immediately knew the culprit.  The mozzarella cheese bag.
The freezer was full, but the day before, I had shoved a new, large bag of mozzarella cheese in there anyway because I didn't want to walk it to the deep freezer.  I had to 'push' the drawer closed and it resisted, but I gave it a good shove and thought it was fine.

It wasn't.
Although I couldn't 'see' any openings of the seal, it obviously wasn't completely sealed due to the drawer being too full... and it had been working overtime to try to compensate.

I removed the offending bag of cheese, closed the drawer (easily this time). 
Within about 10 minutes or so the noise was down to a quieter level and soon, it stopped completely.  Last night I couldn't hear it sounded any different than normal and no more icicles or 'not quite solid' foods were found.

I just save myself $2400.

4/25/22 there is an update that it started up again. 


The logic behind this... ponder it.
Fauci is pissed that a US COURT can overrule the whims of an organization or agency.  

Ants never get sick... they have little anty bodies.

You walk gracefully in high heels.
I fall over my own feet in flip flops.