It's just the coffee talking: S. Pellegrino Sparkling Coffee, and a comedy of errors all morning - deliveries, fraud alerts, order mistakes and so much more


Oh, hi there!  It is after 4:00 pm already and I'm just now getting here to blog.  I do have coffee in hand though!  Well, kind of.  I have a coffee drink in hand.  

I'm drinking my second S. Pellegrino Essenza - Coffee Sparkling Water

Have you seen these?  They have Caramel, Cocoa and Vanilla.  No sweeteners, a bit of caffeine and yes, it's 'sparkling'.  

I decided to try them, but went into it with the idea that they might be horrible.  I also mentally prepared myself to not expect them to taste like a flavored iced coffee, or remotely sweet. 

I honestly think going into tasting them with a mindset that they would NOT taste like a doctored up iced coffee is what made me like them...  I had no expectations of a dairy/coffee/sweetened drink.  

And I liked them!

I'm actually on my second one now - both the vanilla flavor.  I'm hoping Mr. Coffee likes the cocoa version because I don't like chocolate anything - but I'm looking forward to the caramel.  You could always add a sweetener like Sweet Drops or similar if you wished, and certainly could add creamer or whipped cream as well if you tend to like traditional iced coffees.  


This morning I was out the door to run errands and it was an 'off' morning.
I went to Sam's Club first and had a couple 'off' moments there, just little things but I was muttering to myself at once point that it sure was a strange day.

I had no idea.

I finished up there and headed to Home Depot.  I double checked my color samples again just to make sure they really, really were what I wanted as I was having a hard time feeling 100% with my choices.  But I did like them.  I had two picked out.  At the last second, waiting in line to order the mixing, I added a third color sample from the brochure in my hands.

I had 3 color samples of Behr's Concrete Stain to get in 1 gallon sizes.

The guy took them - not sure they were Behr's?  Yes... I held up their brochure to show him.  I specified 'concrete stain', 1 gallon each.  He said ok and come back in about 15 minutes or so to pick up.

I wandered and got a few more things I needed and then was back in that same aisle - it had been about 20 minutes.  I noticed the base stain cans were still fully stocked and none had been taken down to be mixed yet.  Hmmm.  But the concrete 'paint' had a few missing.

Then the guy came down the aisle.  Greeted me in passing as if I was a new customer.  I smiled, told him I was just waiting on mine to be mixed.  He told me "yep, they are ready and about to go into the shaker."

Hmmm.  If they are going into the shaker up at the desk, then they are not concrete stain, as the stain bases are still fully stocked.

I mentioned to him "you remember I had stain, not paint right?"


Nope.  He had mixed 3 gallons of paint.  


I waited.

I got my things and approached the check-outs.

ZERO cashiers.  They are forcing everyone to use self-check-outs (which I despise).

While I was looking down the aisle to check for cashiers, my phone alerts were going off.  My camera alerts for the drive-way and the front door, but also for FedEx as well as Amazon and USPS.  No big deal - I was expecting 2 deliveries today.

Except I see one of them says "DELIVERED TO NEIGHBOR AS REQUESTED"

Uh, no?

I most certainly never, ever did request that.  I don't even KNOW my neighbors and heck, I would choose to pick it up at a store myself before I'd EVER request delivery to a neighbors home.

What was THAT about?

But I needed to check out first and get home to figure this out.

I was checking out, nearing the end... the card reader couldn't read my chip in the card.

"Remove Card and Try Again"


Finally after the 4th error it said to 'SWIPE' card.

It worked.

$180 later I get my billfold zipped up and start to push the cart out with my things when my cell phone plays the loud FOG HORN ALERT sound - which I have programmed for fraud alerts from my banks and credit cards.  (Once bitten, twice shy - regular readers might remember the few of times my card numbers have been hacked - so I have obnoxious ringers programmed on my phones to make sure I get fraud alerts immediately.)

I answered the text with the YES approving my $180 purchase.  

Attempted to leave again and more texts and messages coming through... OH MY GOSH I just want to get home and deal with all this... stop!  Stop!

Getting home I was almost rear-ended a couple times by a guy texting while he was driving.  I made sure my dashcam was on and working perfectly "just in case" I needed proof after he hits me.  (He didn't... thankfully he turned off into a housing development).

Got home and unloaded things only to see I had a voicemail...  it was the oncologists office calling and saying to call them back... and that they will also send a message through our online dashboard account.... well THAT'S not alarming at all right?

Before I even put away the cold groceries I immediately log into our account to see what the message pertains to... it ends up they were just calling to schedule a future appointment.  OH MY GOSH - WHY COULDN'T THEY JUST SAY THAT IN THE VOICEMAIL????  They made it sound imperative we call back immediately.  Nope.  Don't need to call at ALL.  They just made an appointment for the future.

Then I tried to log into my bank account to make sure my $180 purchase at Home Depot was only going through ONE TIME - since it had me insert my card 5 times - the first 4 producing an 'error' and only working after the 5th (which is when they sent a fraud alert to my phone to approve the transaction).  Well, I wanted to make sure ALL FIVE did not go through on their end...  they showed pending.  BUT THEN THE SITE LOGGED ME OUT.

I logged back in and after about 10 seconds - logged me out again.  This happened 3 times in a row and then told me there was an error and try again later.

Oh my gracious!

BLAH BLAH BLAH. Add a few more things....  One thing after another.... and all before noon.



I can't believe it's almost 5:00 and the day is basically over.  I swear it should be about 11:30 right now.... and dang it, I have to figure out what to make for dinner too.