It's Just the Coffee Talking: sending an old school, honest to goodness birthday card through the mail (gasp) and grocery cost chit chat

This morning is such a change from yesterday!  (Yesterday morning was rushing and a bit of stress and frustration between 7:00-10:30.)  This morning has been much more relaxed... although time is slipping away from me quickly - I have a feeling today is going to speed by!

I surprised a family member yesterday by sending an 'old school' birthday card.  Yep, in the mail.  I texted her yesterday morning to send birthday wishes her way; she texted me again later that afternoon when she arrived home and found a birthday card in the mail!  She was surprised and we had a good laugh over it.

Because of budget constraints and things going on, I've not done a 'real' grocery shopping trip in a while, so either today or Monday I'll probably have to do one as the fresh foods in the household are now down to the ''long lasting" items;  cabbage, celery and apples.  Of course our freezer is well stocked with broccoli, green beans, squash, zucchini, spinach, etc. as well as fruit so really... I could put off grocery shopping even longer.  

The reason I bring up grocery shopping is because when I go at least 2 weeks between shopping trips there is always a huge jump in prices.  Less 'in your face' when you are going weekly as the prices may rise bit by bit but you are preoccupied and paying another $.50 or $1.00 for 3/4 of your items may irritate you but it's not the sticker-shock you get when you go 2-3 weeks between trips.

I have often been seeing price hikes of up to $3 per item on my shopping trips.  That's $.50-$3 per item times 30-50 or so items, right?  OUCH.  Which is why it's easy for a normal grocery shopping trip to be upwards of $100+ for the exact same items you've bought all year long.

My last comparison showed normal groceries for our family was up an average of $140 per trip for the same items I typically buy on a 30-50 item trip.

Anyway!  I was just thinking out loud there as I try to decide my priority list on tasks, errands, cleaning, cooking, shopping, repairs, calls, online accounting, etc. to do today... and what funds I may or may not have to pay bills online as well.



.... meh, it's just the coffee talking again.




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