It's Just the Coffee Talking: fixing the vibrating noise due to ice build up on an LG refrigerator


That's a pretty loud "HI!" but hey, I've been up for hours already (since um, 3:30 ish?) so even though it's only 5:30, I'm awake!  And you should be too!  

Refrigerator/freezer seem to be working well!  If you missed it - but a search for an LG refrigerator freezer making a vibrating, loud, thudding noise brought you here.....

One morning a few days ago I walked into the kitchen to realize the refrigerator was making a ruckus. I opened the door(s) and the noise stopped.  Closing it, it would start again.  I knew I had 'shoved' the freezer drawer closed the night before putting a bag of mozzarella cheese in an already full freezer and although the door was closed and looked sealed up tight, I had a feeling it wasn't absolutely 100% since I had to push it to close.  I opened the drawer, took out the large bag of cheese and noted 3 or 4 tiny icicles hanging down from the drawer.  Yep.  Not a good sign.  The freezer had worked extra hard all night as there wasn't a complete seal.

Hoping it would fix itself, I closed everything up tight and waited.  Nope.  Sound came back.

That evening I took apart the bottom freezer hoping to get into the back panel and see if there was ice build-up on a fan.  Although I could see a bit of ice build up on both sides of the back panel, this particular model of LG was completely sealed.  No clips, openings or ways to get into the panel and pop it off!

So, I had to work under the assumption it was an ice build up.  I removed all the foods and placed them into the deep freezer and into a cooler chest (and took the ice out of the ice bin so that wouldn't melt into a huge puddle).  We unplugged the refrigerator and left it unplugged all night so any build up of ice anywhere inside would melt off.

The next morning it was plugged back in.  Yesterday after errand running I came home, all was still quiet and well so the foods all went back in.  So far so good!

So it looks like (fingers crossed) I saved a large service call bill....





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