It's Just the Coffee Talking: Soooo random this morning. Like trying to kill a spider with bleach, and remembering why I walked into a room (24 hours ago)


Sipping coffee (still McCafe since I haven't been back to the store to restock on our regular brands yet).

As I opened this browser, I noticed my wedding ring was caked with lotion between the prongs so I got up and went into the bedroom/bathroom to get the ring cleaning solution and do a quick dip and brush.   As I reached for the jar under the sink, I suddenly remembered why I came into the bedroom/bathroom yesterday....  to get a new box of Kleenex from the storage closet!  You see, yesterday I walked into the master bathroom and stopped to ask myself, "Now, why did I come in here?"  and couldn't recall so I went on to the next thing.  Yes, it took me numerous trips into the masterbath and 24 hours to recall why I went in there yesterday.

Another master bathroom event this morning - completely odd and random:  I have some children's toys still sitting in the empty bathtub since the last bath the littles took in that particular tub.  I reached down to grab one of the little bucket containers, and as I looked down into it, I spied a spider!  GAH!  I don't typically have or see spiders in the house so it took me by complete surprise.  I quickly turned the bath faucet on and filled it half with water - swooshing it a bit so he/she couldn't climb up the side onto my hand or anything and I quickly processed what my fastest plan might be.  I decided the bleach I had just replaced under the sink could be quickly grabbed and poured into the water.

So I did.  And do you know, that spider did not die?  Bleach.  Clorox brand even - the good stuff.  He was alive and treading in it.  But wait... what is THAT?  It's a friggin' egg sac floating!  GAH!  Thankfully it looked like it was breaking down... whew.  I left the container sitting there while I had to leave the house to pick up one of the littles.  When I returned about 45 minutes later he was still alive, floating in the bleach water.  How?  Seriously!?  I opened the sink cupboard and grabbed the first thing close to me;  toilet bowl cleaner with bleach.  I poured a bit in and ....  finally.  She sunk.

Now I have a container of bleach water with a dead spider and gooey spider egg sac floating in it... on my bathroom counter.  But I want to keep it there so I can show Mr. Coffee tonight when he gets home from work.

But I cleaned my ring.  And grabbed a new box of Kleenex for the desk... and here I am.