It's Just the Coffee Talking: Welp, the fridge 'was' still broken... but now (again) I'm hoping maybe it's not

Good Morning Coffee Friends -

Welp, last night I gathered up my things and went into the kitchen to get a drink before heading to bed to blissfully read myself to sleep. 

That's when I realized the refrigerator was up to that noise again.  That thumping, whomping, vibration noise.  

It made sense to me that it was doing it; I was just *hopeful* it would have miraculously cured itself when it was doing it previously.  (Hope springs eternal and all that...)

Well, the best guess ice build up on 'something' due to the seal not being completely closed previously.  The noise was thumping and vibrating when closed, but open the door and noise stopped.  It's a fan part.  I opened up the lower freezer drawer, got everything out onto the counters and then got all the baskets and drawers out.

I couldn't figure out how to get the actual metal slide-outs to let me take off the entire front of the freezer but no worries.  I was small enough to wiggle in and under and through.  I got 'into' the lower freezer compartment and sure enough, I saw some ice build up on the outsides of the panel.  NOT as much as I thought I would see, but some, and on both sides.

The problem:  LG has the entire panel SEALED.  Literally there is no access.  No clips, openings, edges... nothing.  It's sealed up tight to prevent the panel from being taken off to see what was inside (or melt any ice build up!)

BUT I kind of remember the last time a service person was here to fix that fridge (maybe 6 years ago or so?  I don't recall exactly) but I remember him having to take literally EVERY shelf out of the whole fridge and freezer because he stated "Yeah, on this model they make the back panel one huge piece, the only way you can access it is to remove everything and you have to take the entire back wall off."

So... I decided to do the first common sense thing that came to mind.

To empty out the refrigerator portion as well (freezer was already empty so I could crawl into it) and then unplug the refrigerator for 12-24 hours in order to let any ice build up (if there is some) melt off.  

Sure it would be a pain... but I didn't want to let that fan keep working overtime if it was coated in ice build up - ultimately burning out and breaking down.  My thought was (and is) *IF* unplugging it and letting it set 12-24 hours to melt any build-up, then it might run fine without the extra work and possibly save me an expensive service call and parts/labor costs.

Especially right now when parts are fairly hard to get with the whole world situation on random parts shortages......

I went ahead and pulled the fridge out, put all the drawers and freezer parts back in; and plugged it back in this morning.  It's been about an hour and so far it's quiet....  but I'm not putting any food back in yet!  I'll give it until this afternoon to see if all is still quiet on the homefront.

UPDATE:  it was still running fine and quiet... so all the food went back in.  So far so good.  Hopefully that took care of the problem!