Ramble ramble ramble.... it's just the coffee talking


Good Morning....

This morning I skimmed headline news and had to click away.  Nope. Not doing it.  It's incredible.  Just... incredible.  The lies, stupidity, hatred and negativity...

Had a crappy morning anyway on the morning commute through the winding mountain back-roads I have to take.  One of those cars who get right up on your butt and WILL. NOT. BACK. OFF.  It didn't matter if I was going 20 mph over the limit or 5 mph under; she was a determined little b*tch.

Honestly though, it's been a long, long time since I've had someone follow that incredibly close - seriously.  You have your normal 'close' and then you have your "this is insanely weird" people close.  She was that one.  In my rear view mirror not only could I not see her headlights or front grill...  my 'view' of her car started almost half way up her front hood... now that's f-ing unsafe close.

The *only* time she backed off was the 3 times we have to pass FLOCK cameras (that take photos of your back license plates and send it to the local police so they know everyone passing by) - she backed off to a more normal still following too close or else they would have seen in the photos HER car without being able to even get a peek at my back license plate - because yes, she was that close.  

That tells me she does this all the time because she knew to back off for police photos....

So I had to deal with her stupidity.... And that was before I even had coffee - because I was up reading part of the early morning hours and finally fell back to sleep at 6:am and slept until 6:45 with just enough time to get up and rush to get clothes/makeup on and get out the door... sans coffee.  

But I've had coffee now.

I've got some tasks waiting for me I've got to get to asap.  Thanks for popping in!







We are in the midst of the longest, saddest, most excruciating and unsatisfying I TOLD YOU SO in the history of the world.