It's Just the Coffee Talking: In 1926, only 4% of American workers made enough money to be required to file federal income tax.... (and more fun facts over coffee!)

So... the person who is having a birthday this week doesn't actually read my blog but it's the basis of this post!

I decided to do a personalized birthday card for him using authentic advertisements and trivia from the year he was born.  It took a lot of digging through old newspaper archives and magazines available (for free) online but I did it and got his birthday 'poster' card finished this morning.   

I found some of the facts to be pretty interesting!  Even though I couldn't use 99% of what I was reading - I went down a lot of 'rabbit holes' on the internet digging up more information on some of the random things I saw or read.  Many of the companies selling items back then are long gone now (even many well known companies didn't make it).  I would see a name and start to get lost in genealogy searches.  I found myself accidentally looking through old high school year books from the 1920's.  LOL.

LOTS of side-trips with this little weekend endeavor I thought would be a quick project.

But it was fun!

I thought I'd share a couple facts for you to ponder over your morning coffee too.

(This is for the USA at this time)

    Life expectancy in 1900 was 48.2 years for males and 50.7 years for females.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS)

    The cost of living increased at least 63.1% and possibly as much as 78.6% between 1914 and 1921.
Source: National Industrial Conference Board.

    Milk cost an average of 33¢ per half gallon in 1920.
Source: U.S. BLS

    Coffee cost an average of 47¢ per pound in 1920.
Source: U.S. BLS

    In the 1920s, about one tenth of people in the 18-21 age group attended college.
Source: U.S. Bureau of Education

    Cars cost an average of $2,537 in 1920.
Source: Automotive Industries

    A 1920 Model-T Ford was priced at $440
Source: Recorded in the Automobile Trade Journal, Nov 1 1920 issue

    Gasoline cost an average of 21.7¢ per gallon in 1929.
Source: USDA

    In 1925, motor vehicles were scrapped at an average age of 6.5 years. 
Source: Automobile Manufacturers Association

    In 1926, only about 4% of workers earned enough to be required to file a federal income tax return.  Source: NBER













It's Just the Coffee Talking: "Having the NK regime presiding over global nuclear weapons disarmament is like putting a serial rapist in charge of a women's shelter" - Neuer

When I saw this on social media this morning I thought "That can't possibly be true?"  "His account isn't satire, so... was he hacked?  This has GOT to be a joke, right?"


So sure it couldn't possibly be true, I did a quick internet search, only to find out  it IS true.  WTF?

"..... The worlds most dangerous nuclear weapons proliferator has now become chair of the world disarmament forum."



In recent weeks, North Korea has stepped up its weapons tests, including the test of supposed hypersonic weapons such as glide vehicles. 

"It's the height of irony," former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia Heino Klinck told Fox News.

"It impugns the UN's relevancy and legitimacy, but in essence, any sovereign state that is a member of the United Nations is treated equally," he continued. "But I do find it very paradoxical that you have a country that is in violation of UN Security Council resolutions having to do with its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missiles program and [will be] ostensibly the chair of disarmament? It's idiotic."

North Korea has upped its testing activity recently amid long-stalled nuclear talks with the Biden administration, which recently hit five North Korean officials with sanctions in relation to missile tests in the region.

Last week, North Korea issued a veiled threat to resume the testing of nuclear explosives and long-range missiles targeting the American homeland, which leader Kim Jong Un suspended in 2018 while initiating diplomacy with the United States.










It's Just the Coffee Talking: my first time ever eating a Big Mac

Good Morning...

So the little critter (post from yesterday) didn't get caught.  He apparently came to feast on the gluestriped insects soon after I turned off the office light and went to bed (the light shines on the door ledge outside where he had his little path).  I didn't know this until I watched the video this morning when I woke up.

He made a little path, completely avoiding the glue strips.  Tricky little thing.

I have my ladder ready at the door along with some fresh gluestrips I will literally open up and put out tonight before bed so they will be fresh and sticky.  This mouse is getting fat... probably both on the free food its getting from me as well as maybe being pregnant.  I do not want mouse babies in our attic if in fact that's where it resides when it's not coming to our glue strip buffets.

Ok - some news chit-chat. 

I saw this headline and smiled... and then looked at the photo that accompanied it and enlarged it to study the different styles of Big Mac boxes through the last 50 years.  (Yes, I do find things like that interesting!).

Wisconsin man eats Big Macs almost every day for 50 years

Donald Gorske has only missed 8 days of eating a Big Mac – or two – every day


Guinness World Records on Twitter

I remember my very first Big Mac... as odd as that may seem to some people.  I really do!

I was 4 years old and my parents took me to McDonalds (which was a really, really big thing back then; as people didn't eat fast food 24/7 like they do now.  And for my family, eating at any 'restaurant' fast or not was a 'once in a great while thing or for birthdays, etc.)  Side Note:  from the age of 7 to 18, I lived 45 minutes from the nearest McDonalds so it's not like we were tempted to go there more often either.

Anyway, I was 4 years old.  And we got to go to McDonalds.  My Dad asked me what I wanted to eat and after looking at my options, I told him a Big Mac.  He and my Mom tried to talk me out of it saying it was much too large for a little girl and I'd never be able to finish it, etc.  He finally gave up (probably deciding he'd finish whatever I didn't).  I got my Big Mac.  It was... so, so good.  Now, I was a tiny little thing, but I finished that entire burger!  

I recall eating it, and I recall my Dad being shocked and surprised I ate the whole thing.  I also remember overhearing him telling someone I did so - after we left McDonalds and went to wherever it was we were going (probably my Grandma's house).

And that was my first Big Mac. 


It's Just the Coffee Talking: that darn mouse

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning of course, when I could sleep in, I woke at 6:am and was wide awake, ready to start the day.

My cellphone showed an alert for the front door security camera from about an hour previously.  Assuming it was just the 'blip' that happens every morning when the sun comes up and it shifts from night vision to regular, I rarely open the alert but did this time.

It was a fat little mouse on camera.  Now, I know this mouse, as I caught him on camera about 2 weeks ago.  He scampered across the ledge at the top of the front door entrance next to the big window.  

At that time I went to a store and bought glue strips and put them down to hopefully catch him.  All I caught however was a cute little lizard - which I released with Pam spray - and so I put the glue strip back and hoped the mouse would come back and visit soon - before too many other critters were caught instead.

He/she didn't.

Until early this morning.

I saw the video clip of he/she sitting there on the strip and heard a chewing sound on the audio.  Without watching the whole thing, I quickly put the phone down, hurried out of the bedroom to go get the ladder and went out the door to check the strip.

I expected to see the glue strip on the ground, as it would have easily fallen off the ledge if the mouse struggled at all; which he would.  But no.  Nothing on the ground.

Darnit... I had a feeling I knew what I would find. 

Sure enough, the glue strip was empty.  Now there are two things to point out here.  1)  I had used Pam Spray on this strip to get the cute little lizards off and that meant a corner of the strip would not have been sticky anymore.  But more importantly is 2) when the strips are in the heat of the sun, they dry out and become slick - no longer sticky.  

I don't actually know how long this takes, I just know it happens as I've thrown away strips that I've checked in the past that were nice and slick with nary a 'stick' left to them.

Apparently it takes two weeks in the hot sun, because I put this strip down on May 19th and it was already slick and hard - only trapping the few little spiders and insects that were initially caught in it the first week.

The other glue strip had flipped over and was stuck to the brick - so that one wasn't even 'active' which I didn't know until this morning.  I peeled it off the brick and put it sticky side up and added a 3rd strip, folded into the box shape.

At that point I came back inside, put the ladder away and got my phone out to watch the video - which I had not completely watched earlier.

On the video I see him on the strip... the chewing sound I had heard and assumed was him trying to chew the paper and get off?  Was not.  It was him FEASTING on the INSECT BUFFET I had inadvertently provided for him.

Yes, he was merely perched there munching on the dried bee and spider originally stuck to the strip - which had since dried hard so it was no longer sticky and the mouse could just nibble the bodies... and then move on.

Which he did.

He finished eating and walked away, then disappeared over the edge.


I left the non-sticky strip there, hoping he'll come back but now we have a sticky strip and a sticky box to catch the critter if he does.   

(I'm hoping this critter does not live in our attic and is conveniently going in and out through a tiny chewed entrance... which we've had happen in the past.  They can fit through a dime sized little chewed hole - so it's hard to find - but because the only other time we've had critters on this ledge in 10 years is when they chewed a tiny way into the attic - that is why I'm hoping to catch them on the glue strips!!)


















It's Just the Coffee Talking: My chewable ice machine... LOL


I can't say my usual 'good morning' as it's actually about 4:00 pm already.  ALREADY!  What a busy day.  I have no idea where the time went; but I did get a lot accomplished today.

I'm not here with coffee but with a B12 ZipFizz Drink with lots and lots of ice.  

Speaking of ice... did I mention to you guys I bought a 'chewable' ice machine?  You know the yummy nugget ice that crunches so easily and is totally awesome?  Anyone who is an 'ice eater' knows what I'm talking about.  The GOOD ICE.  Like (so I'm told) Sonic has.  I know many restaurants and hospitals have this ice option.  And now I do too!

(This is because our expensive LG refrigerator is apparently not cooling up to par.  It's about 5 degrees warmer than it should be, which is cold and freezing foods just fine but is also just enough for the ice maker to make ice, but refuse to 'drop it'.  Yep... that's apparently a thing.  If your refrigerator or freezer are even just a degree or two below its built in pre-set temperature, it may still make the ice, but you have to manually open it, remove the basket, reach underneath and press the 'reset' style button hidden underneath in order to make it 'drop' the ice into a bucket or container you better make sure you are holding under it or it will be wasted on the floor.  And if you hit the button too soon - you'll get dosed with water as the ice hadn't froze 100% yet.)

So anyway!  After trying to fix the fridge and then realizing it's going to involve a pain-in-the-ass service call and expensive parts - I tried to remember to go through the hassle of opening it up and manually releasing the ice multiple times a day.  THAT didn't last long.  

So I decided in the 'meantime' until our budget could handle an expensive service call, I'd just get a cheap ice maker.  BUT then when I started to research them, I realized I could spend about $100-ish more and get the GOOD ICE.

So I did.

And that's what we've been using for about a month now and OH HOW I LOVE IT.

So... um, where was I?

OH.  I'm drinking a B12 Zipfizz vitamin energy booster with LOTS OF GOOD ICE.

And that's really all I wanted to say about that.



Researchers at the Universities of California, Washington, and Northeastern this spring released a combined study that claims Amazon’s Alexa is definitely listening and targeting you with ads.

After the release of the study, Amazon told The Verge that it targets you with “interest-based ads based on your Alexa requests,” which PCMag’s Chandra Steele says is more than they’ve ever said before.

“Amazon was reluctant to admit it, but once these researchers came forward, they had to,” Steele said. “And these ads follow you around the web.” 


Now this is something I've blogged about before but thought I'd mention again after reading this little blurb in the news today.  

Once you realize and accept that your smart phones and other smart devices are indeed listening to you, you can kind of have fun with it.  

Got a birthday coming up?  Start saying key words and phrases out loud to Alexa, or your spouse or girl/boyfriends smart phone or computer.   They'll be getting pop-ups and advertisements on their social media pages within the next hour or two most likely and by the following morning for sure.

Think your spouse needs therapy?  LOL... repeat "marriage therapists" followed by your city name... see what happens within the next day or so.

In our house, a couple of the weird listening/targeted ads were when I mentioned I was making a new cauliflower casserole that night for dinner.  The next morning my laptop homepage had a big "CAULIFLOWER CASSEROLES" ad on it.  HOW RANDOM WAS THAT?  LOL.  Someone or something was absolutely listening to us.  (And no... I had not been looking up recipes online or on my phone - this was in my own -paper-recipe files.)

We had another couple completely obviously targeted and random but you get the idea.

Yes.  Amazon admitted Alexa gives targeted ads after this study was released, but so far Apple and others, including Microsoft with Cortana haven't actually admitted it yet.  They've been very tight-lipped.  PS:  We do not have Alexa in our home.





Totally against the law to count ballots after election day but.......

Hillary's lawyer isn't even testifying WHY HE GAVE THE FBI the faked Trump/Russia disinformation? 

30 millions doses of the plandemic C vax being tossed because "nobody wants them" 

Admissions policy changes are irking people.......... 

The UN predicted entire nations would be wiped off the face of the earth by the year 2000. 

Ponder this over your morning coffee:

In 244 US counties there are more registered voters (cough cough) than there are people legally eligible to vote.  29 states have more registered voters than they have actual legal RESIDENTS of the county!  8 states have more registered voters than they even have voting aged people that live there. 

Jesus didn't eat with the tax collectors and sinners to be inclusive or tolerant.  He ate with them to call them to a changed and better life.

We hear this all the time:  NO ONE NEEDS GUNS!  JUST CALL 911 and WAIT FOR POLICE TO HELP!
Welp... 19 children just died because those police stood outside for an HOUR and did nothing.  Those children were slaughtered before a brave, off-duty border patrol agent did their job. 

Ummm... no he had NO reason and YES we are judging him. 













It is frequently stated that 5,000-10,000 women were killed yearly from “back alley” abortions before legalized abortion, early abortionist and co-founder of NARAL Dr. Bernard Nathanson admitted that these numbers “were totally false.” He acknowledged, “…It was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics?”

This is just a clip.  You can read the entire article at the link in the title.



OBGYN Who Has Delivered 5,000 Babies Confirms Abortion is Not Medically Necessary

Dr. Ingrid Skop   |   May 25, 2022   |   11:56AM   |   Washington, DC


The Reality

Although it is frequently stated that 5,000-10,000 women were killed yearly from “back alley” abortions before legalized abortion, early abortionist and co-founder of NARAL Dr. Bernard Nathanson admitted that these numbers “were totally false.” He acknowledged, “…[I]t was a useful figure, widely accepted, so why go out of our way to correct it with honest statistics?”[1] In fact, numerous sources document that the number of deaths from illegal abortions was far lower, in the range of a less than one hundred a year.[2]

The Medical Facts

Life-threatening situations requiring a separation of a mother and her unborn child occur far less commonly than one may assume.[4] Furthermore, an induced abortion should not be confused with a medical indication for separating a mother from her unborn child. The two differ greatly, on both the goals and procedures.

In an induced abortion, “the intention is that the fetus should not survive, and the process of abortion should achieve this.”[5] On the other hand, separation of the mother and fetus is “medically indicated” when there is some condition of the mother or the fetus which requires separation of the two in order to protect the life of one or the other (or both).[6]

Interventions in the second half of pregnancy are more correctly termed “premature parturition.” In these cases, the purpose of delivery is not to kill the fetus, as in elective abortion, but to save the life of the mother and the life of the fetus, or to save the life of at least one of them. This can be done in such a way, induction or C-section, that the baby is given an opportunity, even if slim, to live, while addressing the mother’s health risks. With modern surgical techniques, a C-section delivery is usually very safe, even in an extremely sick woman. (One out of three pregnancies in our country are delivered this way.) By comparison, a dilation and evacuation (D&E) dismemberment abortion (the technique used to perform 95% of late abortions[8]) may necessitate several days of cervical preparation to allow the surgeon to enter the uterus.[9]

If a woman were truly sick enough to need emergent delivery, the delay necessary to perform an induced abortion would only worsen her condition. Additionally, a truly sick woman should be delivered in a hospital with available emergency equipment rather than in an abortion facility, which may have less available resuscitative equipment and less stringent facility standards.

It is clearly the standard of care for any physician to intervene in a pregnancy that presents a risk to the mother’s life.  Laws restricting induced abortion will not prohibit such an intervention. Whether abortion is available, or whether a state or country has restricted abortion – even late-term abortions after a baby can feel pain from the procedure, – if a mother is facing medical risks from a pregnancy, her health can, should, and by medical standards must, be addressed. The medical procedures to treat these situations are able to be provided by OB/GYNs who overwhelmingly do not perform abortions. Additionally, when these medical situations arise, it is much safer for the mother to be treated in a medical setting with access to emergency care rather than an abortion facility. Lastly, regardless of the reason for termination of pregnancy, it has been documented consistently that women fare worse emotionally after a destructive abortion procedure for medically indicated situations than delivery by other standard obstetric interventions (e.g., induced labor or C-section).[24]






It's Just the Coffee Talking: Nothing but good news this morning (on purpose)

Good Morning!


Some more 'good' news...  like a church that was quoted $$$ to fix a clock but all it took was a little WD-40.  Or the nursing home residents that recreated famous portraits from history.  Not your thing?  What about gorgeous, huge jelly fish from deep in the ocean?

All are better than what is saturating mainstream news right now. :)



He Was Quoted $50,000 to Fix the Church Clock But All it Took Was a Can of WD-40


Nursing Home Residents Recreate Famous Portraits From History


Amazing Video of Giant Phantom Jellyfish from Deep in the Dark Fathoms at 3,200 Feet





It's Just the Coffee Talking: some good news... we all need a little, right? :)


Researchers Overcome ‘Major Hurdle’ in Reversing Deafness, Discovering Gene Responsible for Crucial Cells

"Scientists can now create new hearing cells that can overcome deafness caused by aging.

Considered a “major hurdle” to reversing hearing loss, the gene discovery allows the production of inner or outer ear hair cells.

Hearing loss due to aging, noise, and certain cancer therapy drugs and antibiotics has up until now been seen as irreversible when there is the death of such cells—which develop in the embryo and do not reproduce.

But scientists have discovered a single master gene, TBX2, that can change ear cells into either outer or inner sensory hair ones."




Handheld Device Painlessly Identifies Skin Cancer Without Biopsy Scars

"Researchers at Stevens Institute of Technology are now developing a low-cost handheld device that could cut the rate of unnecessary biopsies in half and give dermatologists and other frontline physicians easy access to laboratory-grade cancer diagnostics. “We aren’t trying to get rid of biopsies,” said Negar Tavassolian, director of the Bio-Electromagnetics Laboratory at Stevens. “But we do want to give doctors additional tools and help them to make better decisions.”

The team’s device uses milimeter-wave imaging—the same technology used in airport security scanners—to scan a patient’s skin. (In earlier work, Tavassolian and her team had to work with already biopsied skin for the device to detect if it was cancerous.)

Healthy tissue reflects milimeter-wave rays differently than cancerous tissue, so it’s theoretically possible to spot cancers by monitoring contrasts in the rays reflected back from the skin. To bring that approach into clinical practice, the researchers used algorithms to fuse signals captured by multiple different antennas into a single ultrahigh-bandwidth image, reducing noise and quickly capturing high-resolution images of even the tiniest mole or blemish."




We Finally Rid An Island of 300,000 Rats – Now Everything is Blooming

“There’s a vine which we didn’t know what the fruit looked like, people are taking photos of insects and sending them to the Australian Museum who are saying we’ve only got three of those on record ever but we are seeing hundreds of them. Everything is blooming, all the plants are flowering and we are seeing a carpet of seedlings.”

Noteworthy among the returning characters on the island are four species of land snail, one of which hasn’t been seen alive for 20 years, the black-winged petrel, and crickets.

“We’ve been hearing crickets. We’d only hear crickets very rarely, now every night there’s a chime of crickets,” Bower said, this time to ABC News Australia.

To do the business, poison was placed inside 22,000 lockable traps around the island, while in inaccessible areas, pellets were distributed via helicopter. Just to be sure, rat-catching dogs scour the island every few weeks—but one hasn’t been seen since last August.