It's Just the Coffee Talking Again: How to get a lizard, snake or other critter safely off a glue-strip








Good Morning Coffee Friends...

Blogger editor is being ridiculously stupid again this morning... All the things they changed almost 2 years ago are still irritating and frustrating.   (Obviously their employees don't actually use Blogger.... they just make updates and changes from their programming perspective but not from an actual user perspective... but, whatever.)

It's another busy week and I haven't found much time to stop by the blog to 'chit chat'.  Right now I have someone covering for me for about 15 minutes so I'm free... kind of.  I'm waiting on a return call from an A/C service provider to find out if we can be put on the schedule for today so... here I am.
This is random but maybe helpful to someone.

If you have put down glue-strips to catch little bugs or critters of some sort but you've caught a 'good guy' instead (like a friendly little snake or a lizard, etc.) you'll want to let them go because they eat so many nasty spiders and insects. 

Don't attempt to pull them off - you'll end up killing them.  However, they will come off fairly easily if you grab some cooking oil or spray.  There are other things you could use too, but these are usually pretty handy - you have some sort in your kitchen - and they are safe. 

I usually grab PAM spray..

Here is Little Critter.  He's stuck pretty good - including his little eye.

Simple PAM cooking oil does the trick.
Just spray a quick spray on the glue-strip where they are stuck.  Their movements along with your fingers gently prodding and pushing and working the oil into the areas under their bodies or legs where they are stuck is enough to release them within a minute or so.  Just keep working at it gently.

This Little Guy quickly ran to jump up on a leaf and 'hide' while he caught his breath.  Then he ran away and did his 'thing' living happily ever after. 

Just a quick note I've also rescued a bird off a glue-strip this way.   (Yes, this bird flew into our garage and down near the corner of the garage door where we had one set for spiders or bugs...  how?  Why?  I don't know.  But it was rescued.)

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