It's Just the Coffee Talking Again... not actually about coffee but with coffee, that's for sure

Sleeping would be nice but with so much going on in life, my brain doesn't let me sleep.  

But...good morning coffee friends.  3:am came and sleep wasn't happening so... let's just start another day. 

Yesterday started at 1:00 am.

Although I'm trying to avoid reading details after I skim news headlines, I can't help but notice a lot of the screaming, rendering of clothing and gnashing of teeth are based on.... lack of information, willful stupidity, all-out lies, drama, laziness to find out details of just what exactly they are losing their minds over.

This would be where the little thing called 'facts' come in.  I've noticed the loud screamers right now making headlines really don't seem to have knowledge over what they are screaming and protesting about.  There are a lot of uninformed people making a lot of noise.

Coffee Talk:  well, as you can tell, I've not been reviewing coffee or coffee products much in the past few months.  Life has been throwing me challenges that make reviewing coffee products pretty non-essential.  Oh, COFFEE has been essential to keep trudging forward but the time, effort and work involved in reviews (for free since no one pays me) isn't worth it.  The pennies made on affiliate links are mostly just that... literally pennies... so yeah, a lot of random chat in the recent past and less 'coffee' product talk.

But believe me, it's still just the coffee talking....  ha ha.