It's Just the Coffee Talking Again... this time over S. Pellegrino Coffee sparkling water (which I don't think you can find anymore)

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning I had to chug my (really hot) coffee as quickly as I could muster as I was determined to get some caffeine into me but needed to rush.

It was a busy morning but I got through the things so I could hurry and get to either Lowe's or Home Depot for some items I needed.  I wanted to do Home Depot but they didn't show the things I needed in stock or available and Lowe's did.  So... Lowe's it was.  Oh well.  But I got the things I needed and... some other things I did/do need but didn't really plan to purchase.  Mainly those would be the 4 outdoor chair cushions (not the ones I bought for the adirondack chairs) but for the 4 regular metal chairs on the deck. 

My bill was almost double what I had planned but all needed so it is what it is! 

I've got a ton to do and half the day is gone but I wanted to pop in to say HELLO to my coffee friends that pop in here every  morning just to say 'hey' or read.  

It's just the coffee talking again...     although at this moment it's cold coffee - S. Pellegrino coffee flavored mineral water actually.  (Which is awesome and brand new - but unfortunately I think they stopped making them already.)  Glad I found a couple on clearance at Sam's Club a couple weeks ago as they are rare to find now.  Too bad - they are awesome.




 I'm not stuck up.  I'm not anti-social.  I treasure my solitude.
I'm not a fan of small talk.  I prefer only a few close friends.
I am reserved until I'm not.
If we connect, you matter to me.

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