It's Just the Coffee Talking: Is there a milk shortage in some areas due to truckers striking?

Good Morning Coffee Friends...

This morning I had to run a couple errands before officially starting my day.  While in a store getting a couple things we needed, I overheard the employees discussing the neighborhood grocery store (my store - the one I shop at although I haven't been there in about a week).  

She was telling her coworker that they did not have ANY milk.  Not baby formula (which everyone knows is a nationwide shortage right now) but milk.  Of any kind.   

Well, I had to excuse myself and ask more about this... interesting!  Was it because the Moms that couldn't find formula were buying it all?  Nope.  Apparently the truckers that deliver the milk are on strike.  The stores can't get any delivered.  

I said that was strange, as I hadn't heard anything about a strike re; milk?  She said the employees at the store explained it to her; said the truckers said they were going to do it in small areas one at a time, not the whole nation at once.  (???)   

Interesting indeed!  We don't buy milk, so I hadn't noticed.  We do buy Toddler Formula (the Nido toddler kind) which has been in shortage off and on for 2 years now due to Covid shortages.  I haven't heard anything about a trucker strike here in the US regarding milk.  

UPDATE:  I still haven't heard anything about a strike - and I actually was at that grocery store 2 days later and yes, they had milk in stock.  So I'm not sure what that was about.


Pondering over morning coffee:   a healthy society would be more worried about a shortage of baby formula than the ability to kill the babies.

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(Yep, that's his cup - upside down!  BAH HA HA)

Every look at someone and think, "Why has no one hit you with a shovel yet?"

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