It's Just the Coffee Talking: the evaporated milk formula that worked well for healthy babies for 100 years is better than the alternative..... you know, letting them starve

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Taking a quick break to chat over coffee - although I've probably had enough coffee this morning and should switch to water or something.  :)

Obviously the baby formula shortage is all over the news.  I've also read time and again in the news doctors are warning not to dilute the formula you have to make it go further and not to use any of the 'homemade' versions of formula, nor to use whole milk.

Umm... so it's better to just let your baby starve, right?  

The thing is - so far, the doctors I've seen 'interviewed' on local news blurbs saying not to do those things are young.  Like, 30 or so.   And while they may have studied medical books on the human body and biology, they are not using God given common sense.  I've noticed a lot of the under 35 crowd today aren't very smart.  Book-intelligent maybe, but smart?  Common sense?  Logic?  Instinct?

Not a whit.  

Doing what you can to feed your baby is better than doing nothing.  And giving them bottles of water, almond milk, coconut milk, cashew milk, etc. is awful but some will resort to that; especially if all they are hearing in the news is "don't use whole milk and don't use formula recipes".    

Generation upon generation (upon generation and even more generations) of babies have been brought up on dairy milk. Women who couldn't or didn't nurse gave their babies cow's or goat's milk.  

But let's just look at the years between 1900-1970's.  During those years women DID make their own formula.  


When you had your baby and during each of your babies doctor visits, you were handed a piece of paper either hand-scribbled or typed and filled in with the most basic formula 'formula'.  

It was canned evaporated milk, water and a small amount of corn syrup.

My husband and I HAVE these forms tucked inside our baby books.  

Mine is from the early 70's and because baby formula was starting to be found in stores by then, was given the option of SMA baby forumla (SMA stands for Simulated Milk Adapted by the way) OR the evaporated milk/water/corn syrup version.

Both were totally acceptable by all hospitals and doctors up until the late 1970's/1980 ish.

You have a hundred years of babies brought up drinking formula made with canned evaporated whole milk (which is simply fresh, whole milk with 60% of the water removed and canned for a long shelf life).

I was going to take a photo of my husbands or my paper(s) from the hospitals and the subsequent well baby visits in which the 'evaporated milk, water and corn syrup' formula was given to our parents but there are PLENTY of people on the internet who have already posted photos of theirs. 

So yeah, breastmilk is best, and formula which is literally a 'simulated milk adapted' is great but if you can't FIND it anywhere since doctor's offices, food banks and such are completely OUT... then yeah, milk and the evaporated milk formula that worked well for healthy babies for 100 years is better than the alternative..... you know, letting them starve.