It's Just the Coffee Talking: gotta grocery shop I think, plus the new Plandemic and Shingles Being Played as Monkeypox News Stories, plus more.....

Although I don't want to (because I don't really have any money free in the budget - so I have to 'rob Paul to pay Peter' as they say) I need to go to a grocery store this morning.   I saw this meme about retail shopping and I laughed.  This is me!

I hate the 'rushed' feel as the next person behind you pushes into your space when you are trying to get your receipt, and/or change, etc. from the cashier and put it away before you walk away.

Like, seriously...  get out of my space!  LOL.  WAIT 12 seconds!  Ha.



Moun­tains of sugar un­der seagrass mead­ows

Seagrass mead­ows are un­der­wa­ter oases. Now re­search­ers have dis­covered vast amounts of sug­ars un­der­neath seagrass mead­ows. This sheds new light on how plants store car­bon in the ocean.

Scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Marine Microbiology now report that seagrasses release large amounts of sugar, largely in the form of sucrose, into their soils – worldwide more than 1 million tons of sucrose, enough for 32 billion cans of coke. Such high concentrations of sugar are surprising. Normally, microorganisms quickly consume any free sugars in their environment. The scientists found that seagrasses excrete phenolic compounds, and these deter most microorganisms from degrading the sucrose. This ensures that the sucrose remains buried underneath the meadows and cannot be converted into CO2 and returned to the ocean and atmosphere. They now describe their discovery in the journal Nature Eco­logy & Evol­u­tion.

Not only worthless after a couple months but actually has a negative efficacy after 4.5 months....  


"Never let a crisis go to waste" - hmmm.  So the food shortages play perfectly into his 'green energy' push.  Imagine that.

It's started! 
Ponder this one... there is a LOT of information here.

Shingles. Monkeypox. Disinformation. Side-effects. Photo 'repurposing'. Journalism lies.
Plandemic. And more....


Everything he touches goes to hell.

Did you hear about the big Lego sale?
People were lined up for blocks.