It's Just the Coffee Talking: "Having the NK regime presiding over global nuclear weapons disarmament is like putting a serial rapist in charge of a women's shelter" - Neuer

When I saw this on social media this morning I thought "That can't possibly be true?"  "His account isn't satire, so... was he hacked?  This has GOT to be a joke, right?"


So sure it couldn't possibly be true, I did a quick internet search, only to find out  it IS true.  WTF?

"..... The worlds most dangerous nuclear weapons proliferator has now become chair of the world disarmament forum."



In recent weeks, North Korea has stepped up its weapons tests, including the test of supposed hypersonic weapons such as glide vehicles. 

"It's the height of irony," former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for East Asia Heino Klinck told Fox News.

"It impugns the UN's relevancy and legitimacy, but in essence, any sovereign state that is a member of the United Nations is treated equally," he continued. "But I do find it very paradoxical that you have a country that is in violation of UN Security Council resolutions having to do with its nuclear weapons program and its ballistic missiles program and [will be] ostensibly the chair of disarmament? It's idiotic."

North Korea has upped its testing activity recently amid long-stalled nuclear talks with the Biden administration, which recently hit five North Korean officials with sanctions in relation to missile tests in the region.

Last week, North Korea issued a veiled threat to resume the testing of nuclear explosives and long-range missiles targeting the American homeland, which leader Kim Jong Un suspended in 2018 while initiating diplomacy with the United States.