It's Just the Coffee Talking: Invasive things are afoot this spring... like Hammerhead Worms, Jumping Worms and Leopard Slugs

Good Morning!

Spring has sprung... the trees are green and filling out nicely.  It's a bright happiness compared to the bare, gray, skeleton trees of winter and early spring.

But... it also means the 'things' are out.  All 'things' as starting this past weekend I now can't be outside without no-see-ums biting me (I have reactions so bites means 4 weeks of insane, bloody itching and bruising from scratching).  Also wasps and carpenter bees, mosquitos... of course.  Bugs and beetles of all kinds.  Spiders, scorpions, blah blah blah.  But...

Also some new ones this year.

A family member sent me a short video from her backyard yesterday.  She wondered what the 'thing' was?

It was actually a toxic, invasive little critter (big critter) called a Hammerhead Worm.

Seriously.  Apparently they are a thing.  We'd never seen one before.  I'd like to not see one again.

Hammhead Worm in the backyard with a slug
Hammerhead Worm (and a slug)

Thankfully I haven't seen one of those but unfortunately, I did see an invasive (from Asia of course) Jumping Worm about 1 1/2 weeks ago.  At the time I didn't know what it was... I wrongly assumed at first it was just another earthworm.  Nope.  It was feisty and... weird.  Unfortunately I was trying to 'save' it at the time from a rock to a nice area of dirt.  It was so strange when I picked it up that I wondered for a split second "Wait, is this a tiny little snake?  It's not acting like a worm...."  but I was busy, put it into the grassy dirt and continued with the task I was doing.

It was only later I decided to look it up and shoot... it was a nasty invasive species and I should not have 'saved' it.
This little guy was under a bucket I picked up a couple nights ago.

He looked different than the average slug so he caught my attention.  He almost looked like a salamander at first glance but obviously he wasn't.....

I was again busy doing other things so I didn't have time to dwell on it, but this time I had my phone with me so I snapped a photo at least.  Looking it up online, it seems a little too black/dark but the best I can tell is it's an invasive leopard slug.  I'm not 100% sure though as he is much blacker than the photos online.

Either way, we had a rainstorm soon after and he was gone when I checked again - washed somewhere.





OKAY!  Time is up.  One meme for your morning coffee and I'm rushing to get ready and get out the door....