It's Just The Coffee Talking: it's that time of year again - wildfires in the Southwest (like when our primitive campground was evacuated and we had no idea where to go)

Good Morning!

Yesterday evening I found myself glancing out the kitchen window every now and then and thinking it was a perfect night for relaxing by a fire.  So... I did. 

Just me though.  Mr. Coffee doesn't like to 'smell like smoke' so he never joins me.  It was a nice fire though, and I found myself entertaining the idea of setting up the tent on our land and 'camping' for the night.  

I didn't for a few reasons; one of which is that all our sleeping bags are in a bin in the garage but last spring I asked DH to put one into the bin for me.  He did.  But typical 'him' he squashed it in without making room and making it fit, so it the lid wasn't secure.  I didn't know this.  The lid was completely 'open' on a full half side of the bin, held 'up' by sleeping bags and fleece liners about 3-4 inches.  INCHES.  

I didn't see this until I was out in the garage looking for things in that area of the shelving just a few months ago.  Gulp.

Do you know how many spiders, centipedes, roaches, scorpions or who knows WHAT had crawled in there by then?  I shudder to think.

Ironically - when I found it, we had just gotten an new set of kitchen pans.  My old set are really nice pans and I wanted to keep them, but didn't have room in the cupboards so I told DH to take the box down to the garage to store.  Now, these are just plain skillets and pans - hard, metal in a box.  Keep that in mind.

I went downstairs soon after to find my husband using about 1/4 of a roll of  tape to securely and utterly tape up every opening or potential 'lift' of cardboard on that box the metal pans were in.

"Why?" I asked. He looked at me and completely dumbfounded said, "Well, I don't want any spiders or anything to crawl in."

They are metal pans!?  WHO CARES.  It's not like they could nest or do any damage... they are just pots and pans.  But what I said was....

"Seriously!?  Nothing could possibly do any damage to metal pans, but you completely seal it with tape; but when I ask you to put my sleeping bag in the bin, you completely leave THAT open!?  For spiders and roaches and mice to bed IN MY SLEEPING BAG?"

He had no idea what I was talking about... so I pointed out the wide open bin he didn't care about, while wasting time and effort on a dang box of metal pans.

I went down to the garage the next day and he had put a thin 'one' strip of clear packing tape around the outside of the sleeping bag bin - which the lid was still popped up on - so... accomplishing nothing but made him feel better for attempting to tape it?  I don't know.

But I get so angry about it when I'm down there that I have yet to dig those dang bags out and wash shake, inspect, wash and hot dry every stupid one of them... because until that is done they are NOT being used by any family member.  (He doesn't care since he won't go camping - ever - remember?  LOL).

But I completely went off on a side-track there.

The point was... (and there was one)... that part of the reason I didn't put up a tent and camp out last night is that my sleeping bag(s) are all in a bin in the garage that unbeknownst to me, was wide open to critters and spiders for about 10 months before I knew it and hasn't been 'gone through' yet.  So there is no way on God's green earth I'm using anything in that bin until I've gone through it thoroughly.


But speaking of tent camping and sleeping bags......  the fires in New Mexico and Arizona right now.  It brings back memories.  When I was going to tent camp and hike in Chiricahu.  Remember posts about that 'girls road trip'?  My daughter and I had spent 3 days doing camping and driving to AZ.  Off in the distance we had seen some white 'clouds' but didn't think much of it.  It was windy as could be, which is normal for that area so we thought it was blowing desert sand, etc.  It never even entered our minds it might be smoke.

We were at the 'last stop' which is about 45 minutes from Chiricahu; the last place to get gas, food, water, etc. before you are in the middle of nowhere.  I was gassing up and sending a text to family members back home to let them know where we were and 'check in'.   The town is tiny to begin with, but there was no one else around but us - and the one woman working the gas station. We saw one pick-up truck and one semi but other than that?  Just us.

We finished up, got ready to get on the highway and....  saw a flashing sign erected a bit down the road, letting us know the road was closed.  That's it.  No detours, no information, no idea of what we do now or where to go.  We used our phones to look up what was going on...  fires.

The entire national monument and campground had just been evacuated; those who had left the campground for any reason that morning (like hiking, driving to sight-see, etc.) were not allowed back in to rescue or get their things.  That whole area was now off limits.

And we sat, on the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere... wondering what we do now?  We were in a state we had never been to before, in the middle of a desert, our reservations for the next 3 days were at a primitive camping area that was now under an emergency evacuation.  LOL.


Ahhh....  good memories actually.  This particular 2 week camping/hiking trip ended up to being one of our all time favorites in the end.

Well, anyway, here is a photo of the CURRENT fires going on in New Mexico and AZ....  brought back memories when I read about them. 




...... it's just the coffee talking again anyway.