It's Just the Coffee Talking: Let's chat about anything but the news, shall we?

Good Morning Coffee Friends.....

This morning I think there will be no comments on the news over my morning coffee... instead, anything BUT the news.   :)

I'm not really in the mood to review anything coffee related either... so, let's see what else I can ramble about for a bit?

Yesterday I got a delivery I was anticipating but they apparently only shipped 3 of the 4 items.  They are 25 lb. each so they are shipped individually with separate shipping labels as well.  It looks like they created labels for all 4 but then only actually shipped 3.  The tracking for the fourth package still says "awaiting" package from the seller.  

I did reach out to them but I've yet to hear back.  I don't anticipate issues with getting the last item shipped (it's already paid for of course) but I was all ready to get them into long term mylar with oxygen absorbers and now I have to wait for probably another week before the final one arrives - and I can put all that 'stuff' away I use to store it. (I'm including links above, if you are wondering what in the heck I'm talking about.)

I've got some major baking to do for a family function and yesterdays baking escapades were a bust.  I knew they would be.  It was an 'off' day - and you should never attempt large baking and cooking projects on an off day when everything is wrong anyway.  Sure enough - almost a complete bust.  I need to redo but it will involve getting more ingredients from the grocery store first.  That's on my 'list' for today but so far, I'm just fine with procrastinating and sipping more coffee.

Cleaning, laundry and dishes are all waiting to be tackled today and tomorrow.  I normally do a deep clean Friday (my day off) but was baking and scrubbing tile most of the day so I'm off schedule for that as well.  Tile was (hopefully) finished being scrubbed with the acidic cleanser one last time this morning (before I even had my coffee) and letting it dry now so I can apply a sealer coat either tomorrow or Monday.  I want that project DONE so we can use that shower again and stop using the other guest room showers.  :)


Lots to ramble about by avoiding ANY mention of ANY topic in the news!

It's just the coffee talking again......

Re; the gaff he made about how Delaware has never had a Senator....  LOL.   (Literally every time this man opens his mouth he says something stupid, wrong or inappropriate.  But no one wants to act on it because of who we have waiting in the wings to take over....  a rock and a hard place.)

Here is something you should ponder over coffee.  (And start to research if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about).   China, Italy, France....  Hmmm.   And when they decide a phone is too 'old school' or bulky or that not everyone has one, what do you want to bet they start to offer the choice of having it implanted into a place that would be easily scanned.  Say, a forehead or wrist for example.  Ponder that.  Sound familiar?

Yep.  They are.

I know this one is true... it's hard to do - but it's true.

This.  So. This.  The personalities that align with the different groups is pretty clear cut.

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