It's just the coffee talking... mostly memes today as I'm short on time this morning!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

I am finishing my first cup but I've got some errands to run and I'm currently about 4 minutes behind schedule so I need to type quickly (!!!!) and then go get some 'see people outside of the house' clothes on.  Ha.

You know the complaint about how rich people don't pay enough taxes?  I thought this little graph I saw made by UndoctrinateU showed it pretty well.....


And Elon explains it pretty well....

I'm paying taxes on my wages, then paying sales tax to spend my own money, then paying income tax on money that was already taxed, then when I die my kids pay the death tax on my money that was already taxed.  And then people hate on me for doing everything I can to reduce my taxes.
Dude, he pays more in taxes in a month than I'll make my whole adult life... ha ha ha.

Such a little den of thieves and liars....

Laugh little man... laugh.

The leaders in Washington don't feel any of the pressure of higher food and gas prices that we do because they clearly live different lifestyles.  They are so out of touch, they can laugh at our expense.

This is my Grandmother.
And thankfully I take after her.