It's Just the Coffee Talking: my first time ever eating a Big Mac

Good Morning...

So the little critter (post from yesterday) didn't get caught.  He apparently came to feast on the gluestriped insects soon after I turned off the office light and went to bed (the light shines on the door ledge outside where he had his little path).  I didn't know this until I watched the video this morning when I woke up.

He made a little path, completely avoiding the glue strips.  Tricky little thing.

I have my ladder ready at the door along with some fresh gluestrips I will literally open up and put out tonight before bed so they will be fresh and sticky.  This mouse is getting fat... probably both on the free food its getting from me as well as maybe being pregnant.  I do not want mouse babies in our attic if in fact that's where it resides when it's not coming to our glue strip buffets.

Ok - some news chit-chat. 

I saw this headline and smiled... and then looked at the photo that accompanied it and enlarged it to study the different styles of Big Mac boxes through the last 50 years.  (Yes, I do find things like that interesting!).

Wisconsin man eats Big Macs almost every day for 50 years

Donald Gorske has only missed 8 days of eating a Big Mac – or two – every day


Guinness World Records on Twitter

I remember my very first Big Mac... as odd as that may seem to some people.  I really do!

I was 4 years old and my parents took me to McDonalds (which was a really, really big thing back then; as people didn't eat fast food 24/7 like they do now.  And for my family, eating at any 'restaurant' fast or not was a 'once in a great while thing or for birthdays, etc.)  Side Note:  from the age of 7 to 18, I lived 45 minutes from the nearest McDonalds so it's not like we were tempted to go there more often either.

Anyway, I was 4 years old.  And we got to go to McDonalds.  My Dad asked me what I wanted to eat and after looking at my options, I told him a Big Mac.  He and my Mom tried to talk me out of it saying it was much too large for a little girl and I'd never be able to finish it, etc.  He finally gave up (probably deciding he'd finish whatever I didn't).  I got my Big Mac.  It was... so, so good.  Now, I was a tiny little thing, but I finished that entire burger!  

I recall eating it, and I recall my Dad being shocked and surprised I ate the whole thing.  I also remember overhearing him telling someone I did so - after we left McDonalds and went to wherever it was we were going (probably my Grandma's house).

And that was my first Big Mac. 


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