It's Just the Coffee Talking: quick post - gotta run!

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

Thought I'd have time for a regular morning chit-chat over coffee but my plans for the day were changed. 

Enjoy your day - use your wisdom God-given guidance to do your best to wade through the craziness and negativity and hate this world is spoon feeding us. 

You got this. 




Dr. Marik's Moving Speech at the Medical Freedom Panel (LINK)

"Pierre and I put the FLCCC together because, in March 2020, the NIH said 'there's no treatment for COVID.' Patients were dying in New York. You had an 80% chance of dying on a ventilator. The NIH, the CDC, the WHO, all said 'sorry guys... there's no treatment,' which was outrageous. How can you do that? As a doctor, you've got to do something! So that's why we put the FLCCC together. And now we are doing the same thing for the vaccine injured." 


Declaration to Restore Scientific Integrity 

A joint statement, representing 17,000 physicians and medical scientists, aims to end the national emergency and restore scientific integrity.