It's Just the Coffee Talking: recovering a weather beaten outdoor electrical cord (re-rubberizing?)


Good Morning Friends with Coffee.... 

I mixed it up a bit there this time.

Random Chit-Chat Over Coffee:  yesterday I was up on a ladder near the front door and happened to spy the cord to our ourdoor security camera.  The cord is surprisingly weather-beaten and fried.  It is in the hot sun, and it's crackled the entire length; pieces of the dried out plastic cord coating are missing.  I could see the wires inside in places.  The wires look fine, and the camera works perfectly so the wires aren't damaged... yet.  But I'm so glad I noticed.

My initial split-second thought was "Oh man, I don't want to have to buy a brand new camera just because the cord is fried..."  but then I thought to myself; "The wires are fine.  I just have to safely encase them again..."   

And I wondered if that was a 'thing'.

I have ZERO interest in anything remotely related to electrical 'things'.  Zilch.  But I don't want to spend 150 on a replacement camera so....  

Within minutes I had decided I'm going to try "liquid" electrical tape.

I knew of 'electrical tape' but didn't know the liquid version was a thing.  However, tape won't work in this case, but I'm going to try the other.  

I don't want to wait to order it online and I know local stores carry some brands of it so I'm hoping to get to a store at some point today to pick some up.  I may have to get 2 or 3 since I need to do a long length of cord.   I'll update to let you know how it worked out if you are interested.  :)

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