It's Just the Coffee Talking: My chewable ice machine... LOL


I can't say my usual 'good morning' as it's actually about 4:00 pm already.  ALREADY!  What a busy day.  I have no idea where the time went; but I did get a lot accomplished today.

I'm not here with coffee but with a B12 ZipFizz Drink with lots and lots of ice.  

Speaking of ice... did I mention to you guys I bought a 'chewable' ice machine?  You know the yummy nugget ice that crunches so easily and is totally awesome?  Anyone who is an 'ice eater' knows what I'm talking about.  The GOOD ICE.  Like (so I'm told) Sonic has.  I know many restaurants and hospitals have this ice option.  And now I do too!

(This is because our expensive LG refrigerator is apparently not cooling up to par.  It's about 5 degrees warmer than it should be, which is cold and freezing foods just fine but is also just enough for the ice maker to make ice, but refuse to 'drop it'.  Yep... that's apparently a thing.  If your refrigerator or freezer are even just a degree or two below its built in pre-set temperature, it may still make the ice, but you have to manually open it, remove the basket, reach underneath and press the 'reset' style button hidden underneath in order to make it 'drop' the ice into a bucket or container you better make sure you are holding under it or it will be wasted on the floor.  And if you hit the button too soon - you'll get dosed with water as the ice hadn't froze 100% yet.)

So anyway!  After trying to fix the fridge and then realizing it's going to involve a pain-in-the-ass service call and expensive parts - I tried to remember to go through the hassle of opening it up and manually releasing the ice multiple times a day.  THAT didn't last long.  

So I decided in the 'meantime' until our budget could handle an expensive service call, I'd just get a cheap ice maker.  BUT then when I started to research them, I realized I could spend about $100-ish more and get the GOOD ICE.

So I did.

And that's what we've been using for about a month now and OH HOW I LOVE IT.

So... um, where was I?

OH.  I'm drinking a B12 Zipfizz vitamin energy booster with LOTS OF GOOD ICE.

And that's really all I wanted to say about that.



Researchers at the Universities of California, Washington, and Northeastern this spring released a combined study that claims Amazon’s Alexa is definitely listening and targeting you with ads.

After the release of the study, Amazon told The Verge that it targets you with “interest-based ads based on your Alexa requests,” which PCMag’s Chandra Steele says is more than they’ve ever said before.

“Amazon was reluctant to admit it, but once these researchers came forward, they had to,” Steele said. “And these ads follow you around the web.” 


Now this is something I've blogged about before but thought I'd mention again after reading this little blurb in the news today.  

Once you realize and accept that your smart phones and other smart devices are indeed listening to you, you can kind of have fun with it.  

Got a birthday coming up?  Start saying key words and phrases out loud to Alexa, or your spouse or girl/boyfriends smart phone or computer.   They'll be getting pop-ups and advertisements on their social media pages within the next hour or two most likely and by the following morning for sure.

Think your spouse needs therapy?  LOL... repeat "marriage therapists" followed by your city name... see what happens within the next day or so.

In our house, a couple of the weird listening/targeted ads were when I mentioned I was making a new cauliflower casserole that night for dinner.  The next morning my laptop homepage had a big "CAULIFLOWER CASSEROLES" ad on it.  HOW RANDOM WAS THAT?  LOL.  Someone or something was absolutely listening to us.  (And no... I had not been looking up recipes online or on my phone - this was in my own -paper-recipe files.)

We had another couple completely obviously targeted and random but you get the idea.

Yes.  Amazon admitted Alexa gives targeted ads after this study was released, but so far Apple and others, including Microsoft with Cortana haven't actually admitted it yet.  They've been very tight-lipped.  PS:  We do not have Alexa in our home.





Totally against the law to count ballots after election day but.......

Hillary's lawyer isn't even testifying WHY HE GAVE THE FBI the faked Trump/Russia disinformation? 

30 millions doses of the plandemic C vax being tossed because "nobody wants them" 

Admissions policy changes are irking people.......... 

The UN predicted entire nations would be wiped off the face of the earth by the year 2000. 

Ponder this over your morning coffee:

In 244 US counties there are more registered voters (cough cough) than there are people legally eligible to vote.  29 states have more registered voters than they have actual legal RESIDENTS of the county!  8 states have more registered voters than they even have voting aged people that live there. 

Jesus didn't eat with the tax collectors and sinners to be inclusive or tolerant.  He ate with them to call them to a changed and better life.

We hear this all the time:  NO ONE NEEDS GUNS!  JUST CALL 911 and WAIT FOR POLICE TO HELP!
Welp... 19 children just died because those police stood outside for an HOUR and did nothing.  Those children were slaughtered before a brave, off-duty border patrol agent did their job. 

Ummm... no he had NO reason and YES we are judging him.