It's Just the Coffee Talking: that darn mouse

Good Morning Coffee Friends!

This morning of course, when I could sleep in, I woke at 6:am and was wide awake, ready to start the day.

My cellphone showed an alert for the front door security camera from about an hour previously.  Assuming it was just the 'blip' that happens every morning when the sun comes up and it shifts from night vision to regular, I rarely open the alert but did this time.

It was a fat little mouse on camera.  Now, I know this mouse, as I caught him on camera about 2 weeks ago.  He scampered across the ledge at the top of the front door entrance next to the big window.  

At that time I went to a store and bought glue strips and put them down to hopefully catch him.  All I caught however was a cute little lizard - which I released with Pam spray - and so I put the glue strip back and hoped the mouse would come back and visit soon - before too many other critters were caught instead.

He/she didn't.

Until early this morning.

I saw the video clip of he/she sitting there on the strip and heard a chewing sound on the audio.  Without watching the whole thing, I quickly put the phone down, hurried out of the bedroom to go get the ladder and went out the door to check the strip.

I expected to see the glue strip on the ground, as it would have easily fallen off the ledge if the mouse struggled at all; which he would.  But no.  Nothing on the ground.

Darnit... I had a feeling I knew what I would find. 

Sure enough, the glue strip was empty.  Now there are two things to point out here.  1)  I had used Pam Spray on this strip to get the cute little lizards off and that meant a corner of the strip would not have been sticky anymore.  But more importantly is 2) when the strips are in the heat of the sun, they dry out and become slick - no longer sticky.  

I don't actually know how long this takes, I just know it happens as I've thrown away strips that I've checked in the past that were nice and slick with nary a 'stick' left to them.

Apparently it takes two weeks in the hot sun, because I put this strip down on May 19th and it was already slick and hard - only trapping the few little spiders and insects that were initially caught in it the first week.

The other glue strip had flipped over and was stuck to the brick - so that one wasn't even 'active' which I didn't know until this morning.  I peeled it off the brick and put it sticky side up and added a 3rd strip, folded into the box shape.

At that point I came back inside, put the ladder away and got my phone out to watch the video - which I had not completely watched earlier.

On the video I see him on the strip... the chewing sound I had heard and assumed was him trying to chew the paper and get off?  Was not.  It was him FEASTING on the INSECT BUFFET I had inadvertently provided for him.

Yes, he was merely perched there munching on the dried bee and spider originally stuck to the strip - which had since dried hard so it was no longer sticky and the mouse could just nibble the bodies... and then move on.

Which he did.

He finished eating and walked away, then disappeared over the edge.


I left the non-sticky strip there, hoping he'll come back but now we have a sticky strip and a sticky box to catch the critter if he does.   

(I'm hoping this critter does not live in our attic and is conveniently going in and out through a tiny chewed entrance... which we've had happen in the past.  They can fit through a dime sized little chewed hole - so it's hard to find - but because the only other time we've had critters on this ledge in 10 years is when they chewed a tiny way into the attic - that is why I'm hoping to catch them on the glue strips!!)